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Map of Athens

How to find the Cheapest Flight Fares to Athens

Discover and compare cheap flight fares and flexible date options to Athens, Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, ATH in 2022/2023 with FlightsFinder departing from the United Arab Emirates as well as the rest of the world. The GEO coordinates for Eleftherios Venizelos Airport are 37.93640137, 23.94449997, located in the country of Greece. To find the cheapest flight fares to Athens simply enter the departure airport you wish to fly from and then choose your travel dates. The more flexible you are with your travel dates the cheaper your flight fare to Athens can potentially be. We give you the ability to look for flexible flight fares to Athens 3 days before and after your travel dates or if you prefer you can browse our powerful flexible flight calendar to see prices in the entire month or even the entire year of 2022/2023. Once you have identified the cheapest days to fly to Athens simply hit search and you will be presented with our meta-meta search® dashboard which enables you to search and compare the best flight fare aggregators side by side in seconds. Our research shows that by comparing multiple flight fare aggregators you are highly likely to save up to 20% off the price of your airline ticket to Athens. We search,, momondo, Cheapflights, KIWI, Jetradar and others to make sure you get the best price possible. We recommend you compare at least 4 separate flight fare aggregators on our dashboard to be sure you are getting the best fare possible. Also on this page you will find average flight times and distances to Athens from popular United Arab Emirates Airports including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Maktoum, Al Ain, Fujairah and more. We also list the best things to do in Athens, the weather in Athens, a map of Athens, some travel videos of Athens and most searched for flight fare routes to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport ATH from popular United Arab Emirates airports.

Things to do in Athens

Acropolis of Athens

5th-century B.C. hilltop temple monument


Iconic 5th BC Athenian temple ruins

Acropolis Museum

Ancient treasures in contemporary venue


Acropolis temples & family-run tavernas

Syntagma Square

Iconic square named after its district

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Ruined temple completed under Hadrian

National Archaeological Museum

Ancient Greek art & archaeology museum

Ancient Agora of Athens

Iconic Greek ruins with a museum


The Agora, classic landmarks & tavernas

Old Temple of Athena

Iconic temple of ancient Greece

Mount Lycabettus

Landmark hill with an amphitheater

National Garden

Scenic park with archeological remains

Panathenaic Stadium

The world's only white marble stadium

Theatre of Dionysus

Ancient tiered performance arena

Temple of Hephaestus

Ancient, hilltop place of worship

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Ancient stone theater with performances

Old Acropolis Museum

Museum, ancient greece, temple, athena, and monument

Benaki Museum

Museum of Greek art, culture & history

Temple of Athena Nike

Ionic temple depicting a Greek goddess


Artisan shops & live music tavernas

Archaeological Site of Kerameikos

Ancient cemetery ruins & museum

Hadrian's Arch

Ancient monumental arched gateway

Piraeus Harbour

Site of bustling city seaport

Byzantine And Christian Museum

Collection of frescoes & artifacts


Mt. Lycabettus, upscale shops & dining

Museum of Cycladic Art

Cycladic art museum with kids' exhibits

Omonia Square

Shopping area & transportation hub

Stoa of Attalos

Reconstructed building & Athenian museum

Hadrian's Library

Ruins of ancient Roman library


Rocky hill with a long history

Monument of Philopappos

Monument ruins from the 2nd century

Tower of the Winds

Ancient tower to indicate weather & time

Roman Agora

Ruins of an ancient agora with columns


Hill at the heart of early democracy

Athena Parthenos

Gigantic sculpture of a Greek goddess

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Arts center with a park & opera house

Numismatic Museum of Athens

Coins & medals dating to 1300 B.C.

Monastiraki Flea Market

Lanes with eclectic shopping outlets

Athens War Museum

Military exhibition in imposing building

Marina Zeas

Bustling bay with a seaport & marina

Byzantine Monastery of Daphni

Historic monastery with gold mosaics


Performing arts venue & history museum

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Historic church with Byzantine designs

Central Municipal Athens Market

Large public market for meat & produce

National Library of Greece

19th-century home of Greek literature


Mountain with city & sunset views

Archaeological Museum of Piraeus

Prehistoric artifacts & ancient statues

Choragic Monument of Lysicrates

Landmark monument in a small square

Monument of the Unknown Soldier

War memorial dedicated to Greek soldiers

Allou! Fun Park

Popular attraction with rides & games

Goulandris Museum

Museum, art, and sculpture

Hellenic Motor Museum

Vintage car collection in modern museum

The Athens Concert Hall

Sizable concert hall with performances

Filopappou Hill

Serene destination for panoramic views

Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

Exhibits on the art of jewelry making


Terrace cafés below Roman ruins

Museum of Modern Greek Culture

Hands-on exhibits & historic buildings

Dionysiou Areopagitou Street

Scenic promenade to archaeological sites

Varvakios Central Market

Locally sourced seafood & produce market

Museum of Greek Popular Musical Instruments

Exhibits on historical Greek instruments

Little Kook


Goulandris Natural History Museum

Family-friendly natural-history museum

Archaeological Site of the Lyceum of Aristotle

Remains of Aristotle's former school

Herakleidon Museum - Μουσείο Ηρακλειδών

Museum, salvador dalí, art, henri de toulouse-lautrec, and visual arts

Old Parliament

Weapon exhibits in a landmark setting

First Cemetery of Athens

Tomb, monument, architecture, art, and sculpture

Kerameikos Cemetery

Ancient burial site with a small museum

Areopagus - Hill

Ancient supreme court on a hilltop site

National Historical Museum

Museum and history

National Observatory of Athens

Tours, astronomy exhibits & telescopes

Museum Ship Averof

Maritime museum, marina, history, and museum

Onassis Stegi

Art, theatre, music, and art museum

Presidential Palace

Palace, history, and architecture

The Jewish Museum of Greece

Greek Jewish historical artifacts museum

Kotzia Square

Archaeological site, ancient history, monument, architecture, and history

Stavros Niarchos Park

Landscaped park with paths & playground

Hellenic Maritime Museum

Museum focusing on Greek naval history

Church of the Holy Apostles

Tiny, old church with a few murals

Strefi Hill

Hilltop park with Acropolis vistas

Frissiras Museum

Museum, painting, art, art museum, and modern art

Hellenic Cosmos (theater)

Museum, theatre, and monument

Kolonaki Square

Shopping and monument

Eugenides Foundation Planetarium

Large dome theater with 3-D space shows

The Prison of Socrates

Historical landmark

Weather in Athens


24.5 °C

Mon, 27 Jun 2022

Average Temperature

























Flight Distance and Flying Time to Athens


More than ever, this is the time to explore Athens, Greece. After a massive re-vamping of the city in 2004 when they hosted the Olympic Games, Athens is welcoming visitors with a whole new sheen to the ancient city.

The unforgettable experience of walking to the Acropolis and going through this passage in time always draws thousands of tourists. A true landmark that evokes an extraordinary atmosphere, the pull into the past as you stand among the ruins is impossible to resist.

The charm of Greece comes alive in this city of distinguished monuments, cheerful tavernas, shops filled with souvenirs and markets to spend hours browsing through.

Old and worn architecture shares the city with the modern lines of today. Visiting the city on foot is the best and easiest way to see Athens . Get up close to touch a statue, smell the tantalizing scents of spanakopita, or sit down for a glass of Ouzo.

The birthplace of democracy, the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, would be proud of her namesake. In addition to this, the world of architecture, art and philosophy greatly benefited from the works and thoughts of the ancient Greek.

Look no further than Plato and Socrates to know the affect Greece has had on the world. Though the Middle Ages proved to be Greece 's greatest period, Athens , thereafter, became little more than a small town with few residents. But in the early 1800s, an independent Greece named Athens is Capital.

So what are you waiting for? find your cheap flights to Athens now!

Flights from Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Athens (ATH) - The flight distance between these airports is 2,033 miles (3,272 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 5 hours 1 minute.

Flights from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) to Athens (ATH) - The flight distance between these airports is 2,028 miles (3,263 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 5 hours.

Flights from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates - Sharjah Airport (SHJ) to Athens (ATH) - The flight distance between these airports is 2,038 miles (3,280 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 5 hours 1 minute.

Flights from Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Al Maktoum Intl Airport (DWC) to Athens (ATH) - The flight distance between these airports is 2,036 miles (3,277 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 5 hours 1 minute.

Flights from Al Ain, United Arab Emirates - Al Ain International Airport (AAN) to Athens (ATH) - The flight distance between these airports is 2,084 miles (3,354 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 5 hours 7 minutes.

Travel Videos About Athens

Flight Routes to Athens

From Abu Dhabi

Cheapest flight price found from Abu Dhabi (AUH), United Arab Emirates to Athens, Greece (ATH): AED323

Depart: 25 Sep 2022 · Return: 02 Oct 2022 Price found 26 Jun 2022, 16:02

From Dubai

Cheapest flight price found from Dubai (DXB), United Arab Emirates to Athens, Greece (ATH): AED1,002

Depart: 28 Aug 2022 · Return: 19 Sep 2022 Price found 26 Jun 2022, 20:53

From Sharjah

Cheapest flight price found from Sharjah (SHJ), United Arab Emirates to Athens, Greece (ATH): AED1,363

Depart: 04 Nov 2022 · Return: 08 Nov 2022 Price found 26 Jun 2022, 16:14

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