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City Destinations

Flights to Cairo, Egypt

Flights to Hurghada, Egypt

Flights to Marsa Allam, Egypt

Flights to Alexandria Borg El Arab, Egypt

Flights to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Flights to Luxor, Egypt

Flights to Abu Simbel, Egypt

Flights to Al Arish, Egypt

Flights to Alexandria El Nohza, Egypt

Flights to Assiut, Egypt

Flights to Aswan Daraw, Egypt

Flights to Dabaa, Egypt

Flights to Mersa Matruh, Egypt

Flights to New Valley Kharga, Egypt

Flights to Sohag, Egypt

Flights to Taba, Egypt

Map of Egypt

How to find the Cheapest Flight Fares to Egypt

Discover and compare cheap flight fares and flexible date options to Egypt, Cairo International Airport, CAI in 2023/2024 with FlightsFinder departing from the United Arab Emirates as well as the rest of the world. The GEO coordinates for Cairo International Airport are 30.12190056, 31.40559959, located in the country of Egypt. To find the cheapest flight fares to Egypt simply enter the departure airport you wish to fly from and then choose your travel dates. The more flexible you are with your travel dates the cheaper your flight fare to Egypt can potentially be. We give you the ability to look for flexible flight fares to Egypt 3 days before and after your travel dates or if you prefer you can browse our powerful flexible flight calendar to see prices in the entire month or even the entire year of 2023/2024. Once you have identified the cheapest days to fly to Egypt simply hit search and you will be presented with our meta-meta search® dashboard which enables you to search and compare the best flight fare aggregators side by side in seconds. Our research shows that by comparing multiple flight fare aggregators you are highly likely to save up to 20% off the price of your airline ticket to Egypt. We search,, momondo, Cheapflights, KIWI, Jetradar and others to make sure you get the best price possible. We recommend you compare at least 4 separate flight fare aggregators on our dashboard to be sure you are getting the best fare possible. Also on this page you will find average flight times and distances to Egypt from popular United Arab Emirates Airports including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Maktoum, Al Ain, Fujairah and more. We also list the best things to do in Egypt, the weather in Egypt, a map of Egypt, some travel videos of Egypt and most searched for flight fare routes to Cairo International Airport CAI from popular United Arab Emirates airports.

Things to do in Egypt

Giza Necropolis

Site of the Great Pyramids & the Sphinx

Valley of the Kings

Pharaohs' tombs & burial chambers

The Egyptian Museum

Tracing 5,000 years of Egyptian history

Great Sphinx of Giza

Monolithic Ancient Egyptian monument


Vast iconic complex of temple ruins

Abu Simbel Temples

Massive monument from 13th-century BC

Luxor Temple

Place of worship built c.1500-1200BC


Nile river island & former temple site

Khan el-Khalili

Major bazaar selling souvenirs & crafts

Jabal Mousa

Mountain reserve with history & wildlife

Colossi of Memnon

Huge ancient Egyptian sandstone statues

Aswan High Dam

Iconic old & modern edifices across Nile

The Temple of Horus at Edfu

Ptolemaic temple with a vast statue

Saint Catherine's Monastery

6th-century Greek Orthodox monastery

Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

Reconstructed New Kingdom temple

Naama Bay

Resort hub with cafes & a coral reef

Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve

Nature reserve with beaches & diving

Pyramid of Djoser

Ruins of step pyramid built for pharaoh

Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Imposing, alabaster-clad mosque

Valley of the Queens

Ancient royal tombs & excavation site

Pyramid of Khafre

Second-largest of Giza's pyramids

Temple of Kom Ombo

Holy Ptolemaic site with dual design

Cairo Tower

Egypt's tallest tower, with viewing deck

Medinet Habu

Ancient temple & tomb of Ramesses III

Citadel of Qaitbay

15th-century fortress & naval museum

The Hanging Church

Coptic place of worship with icons

Giza Plateau

Ancient plateau with iconic pyramids

Nubian Museum

Historical & cultural Egyptian artifacts

Deir el-Bahari

Terraced ancient temple ruins


River island with archaeological sites

Luxor Museum

Museum of pharaonic art & sculpture

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Museum, artifact and ancient egypt

Blue Hole

Sinkhole & tunnel, popular with divers

Pyramid of Menkaure

Circa 25th-century BCE pyramid at Giza

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Landmark contemporary library complex

Dendera Temple Complex

Classical Egyptian site & zodiac ceiling

Unfinished Obelisk

Massive obelisk in an ancient quarry

The Coptic Museum

Museum of ancient Egyptian Christian art

Serapeum and Pompey's Pillar

Iconic Roman-era granite column

Montaza Palace

1932 ornate palace & extensive gardens

Al Azhar Park

Landscaped gardens with city views

El-Tahrir Square

Politically significant city plaza

Temple of Philae

Temple, ancient egypt, architecture, history and ancient history

Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa

Burial chambers from the 2nd century


Memorial temple to great warrior-king

Bent Pyramid

Ancient egypt, architecture, history, ancient history and tomb

Colored Canyon

Canyon, safari, desert, camels and hiking

Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Grandiose ancient Islamic monument

Alexandria National Museum

Egyptian history in an Italianate palace

Red Pyramid

Fully accessible ancient burial chamber

Tomb of Tut Ankh Amun

Renowned burial site with wall murals

Kitchener's Island

River island housing a botanic garden

Abdeen Palace Museum

Museum complex in former royal palace

City Of The Dead Cairo Egypt

Expansive cemetery with ancient tombs

Gezira Island

Island with cultural & sporting sites

Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan

14th-century religious education center

Pharaoh's Island

Gulf of Aqaba islet with an old fortress

Al-Azhar Mosque

Religious structure & university

Deir el-Medina

Ancient Egyptian workers' village

Prince Mohamed Ali Palace (Al Manial Palace)

Historic & lavishly furnished residence

Mummification Museum

Small outpost with artifacts & mummies

Cairo Opera House

Opera house, ballet, art, theatre and opera

Fortress of Babylon

Church, ancient history and history

Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi

Monumental main street of old Cairo

Khufu Ship

Ancient wooden burial ship in a museum

Giza Pyramids

Ancient egypt, camels, tomb, archaeological site and history

Gayer-Anderson Museum

Cultural museum with artwork & furniture

Eastern Desert

Sahara region popular for safaris

Greco-Roman Museum

Mummies & other archaeological objects

Museum of Islamic Art Cairo

Palatial Islamic art history museum

Agilkia Island

Scenic island with the temple of Isis

Temple of Khnum

Temple, ancient egypt, history, ancient history and architecture

Precinct of Amun-Re

Complex of Ancient Egyptian temples

St Sergius and St Bacchus Church

Church built on Holy Family rest stop

Hurghada Grand Aquarium

Aquarium & zoo with a restaurant

Baron Empain Palace

Historic Hindu temple from 1911

Sharm El Luli

Lagoon with abundant sea life & a reef

Temple of Seti I

Ancient Egyptian temple with hieroglyphs

Nabq Nature Reserve

Nature reserve with various ecosystems


Ancient, straight-sided pyramid & tombs


Range of hills with the Cave Church

Mount Catherine

Mountain associated with Saint Catherine

Temple of Kalabsha

Temple, augustus, ancient egypt, lake and architecture

Pharaonic Village

Living museum of ancient Egyptian life

Royal Jewellery Museum

Collections from Muhammad Ali dynasty

Marsa Murena

Casual desert hotel with a private beach

Giza Zoo

Zoo with lions, elephants & monkeys

Elphinstone Reef

Scuba diving, coral reef and tiger shark

Temple de Mandoulis - Kalabsha

Temple, augustus, history and architecture


Waterfront promenade dating from 1870

Synagogue Ben Ezra

Ornate temple with historic significance

Theban Necropolis

Historical landmark once used for burial

Straits of Tiran

Busy strait connecting to the Red Sea

Flight Distance and Flying Time to Egypt

Flights from Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Egypt (CAI) - The flight distance between these airports is 1,501 miles (2,415 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 3 hours 50 minutes.

Flights from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) to Egypt (CAI) - The flight distance between these airports is 1,478 miles (2,378 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 3 hours 47 minutes.

Flights from Sharjah, United Arab Emirates - Sharjah Airport (SHJ) to Egypt (CAI) - The flight distance between these airports is 1,508 miles (2,427 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 3 hours 51 minutes.

Flights from Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Al Maktoum Intl Airport (DWC) to Egypt (CAI) - The flight distance between these airports is 1,497 miles (2,409 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 3 hours 49 minutes.

Flights from Al Ain, United Arab Emirates - Al Ain International Airport (AAN) to Egypt (CAI) - The flight distance between these airports is 1,538 miles (2,476 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 3 hours 55 minutes.

Flights from Delma, United Arab Emirates - Dalma Airport (ZDY) to Egypt (CAI) - The flight distance between these airports is 1,340 miles (2,156 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 3 hours 28 minutes.

Travel Videos About Egypt


Short guide to Egypt

Egypt is the strange and mysterious gateway to the African continent.

This is the country of legend, myth and unimaginable history - with building techniques and practices that were so advanced it is easy to see how the rumour began that the ancient Egyptians were in fact from outer space.

For as long as travel has existed, Egypt has drawn the curious. The earliest records of foreigners arriving to simply see the sights are as far back as 500 years before Christ, and the tourism industry in Egypt shows no signs of slowing.

The pyramids, perched oddly on the outskirts of Cairo never fail to lose their appeal. Nor does the Sphinx, despite its crumbling face and Nile cruises are a magical way to spend a day or a week.

The Red Sea is a warm marine experience that nicely offsets the heat and for those with a religious bent, a camel ride to Mount Sinai is unmissable.

The capital, Cairo, is awash with the sights, sounds and smells of a living Egypt: The bustling combination of old-world street vendors and glassy, modern buildings and infrastructure. Egypt is a country that is well aware of her tourism dollar and all of the locals are at least bilingual, with many speaking at least three languages.

So what are you waiting for? find your cheap flights to Egypt now!

Happy Searching!

Flight Routes to Egypt

From Abu Dhabi

Cheapest flight price found from Abu Dhabi (AUH), United Arab Emirates to Sohag, Egypt (HMB): AED159

Depart: 23 Dec 2023 · Return: 11 Jan 2024 Price found 28 Nov 2023, 07:54

From Sharjah

Cheapest flight price found from Sharjah (SHJ), United Arab Emirates to Abu Simbel, Egypt (ABS): AED2,064

Depart: 22 Dec 2023 · Return: 02 Jan 2024 Price found 28 Nov 2023, 12:51

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