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How to find flight deals to Taiwan:

How to find flight deals to Taiwan:

1. Enter your search requirements for Taiwan

2. Compare the best Taiwan deals from top comparison engines
2. Compare the best Taiwan deals from top comparison engines
2. Compare the best Taiwan deals from top comparison engines
2. Compare the best Taiwan deals from top comparison engines

2. Compare the best Taiwan deals from top comparison engines

How to find flight deals to Taiwan:

3. Book your Taiwan flight at the cheapest price

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City Destinations

Flights to Taipei Taiwan Taoyuan, Taiwan

Flights to Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Flights to Taichung, Taiwan

Flights to Chi Mei, Taiwan

Flights to Chiayi, Taiwan

Flights to Green Island, Taiwan

Flights to Hengchun, Taiwan

Flights to Hualien, Taiwan

Flights to Kinmen, Taiwan

Flights to Makung, Taiwan

Flights to Matsu, Taiwan

Flights to Nangan, Taiwan

Flights to Orchid Island, Taiwan

Flights to Tainan, Taiwan

Flights to Taipei Sung Shan, Taiwan

Flights to Taitung, Taiwan

Flights to Wonan, Taiwan

Map of Taiwan

How to find cheap and flexible flights to Taiwan - Q & A

Nestled in the heart of East Asia, Taiwan is a captivating island nation famous for its vibrant blend of traditional culture and modern innovation. From the bustling streets of Taipei to the serene beauty of Taroko Gorge, Taiwan offers visitors a diverse range of experiences to explore. With its delicious street food scene, stunning temples, and picturesque landscapes, Taiwan is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself in the warmth of Taiwanese hospitality, marvel at the stunning architecture, and embark on unforgettable adventures across this dynamic and unique destination. Welcome to Taiwan, where every corner reveals a new story to be told.

Which month is cheapest to fly to Taiwan?

The cheapest month to fly to Taiwan is typically in the months of February and March.

What is the cheapest flight to Taiwan that we have found?

The best price we found is for S$192 from Singapore to Kaohsiung.

Which popular airlines fly to Taiwan?

Some popular airlines include: VietJet Air, Uni Air, Scoot Tigerair, China Airlines, AirAsia, AirAsia X.

What is considered a good price to Taiwan?

A good price for a flight to Kaohsiung is S$173 - S$211.

Which popular airports are in Taiwan?

The popular airports in Taiwan are Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA), Taichung International Airport (RMQ), and Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH).

How long does it take to fly to Taiwan?

The flight to Taiwan (TPE) is roughly 4 hours 56 minutes and 2,002 miles (3,222 kilometres) from Singapore, Singapore - Changi Airport (SIN).

How do I find the cheapest possible flights to Taiwan?

The best way is to compare flights to Taiwan from leading comparison sites using our search engine dashboard.

Things to do in Taiwan

Taroko National Park

Park with Taroko Gorge, a shrine & more

Sun Moon Lake

Formosan Culture Village & foot trails

Kenting National Park

Natural area with beaches & trails


Old Street & Gold Mine Museum

National Palace Museum

Museum with Chinese art & artifacts

Yangmingshan National Park

Picturesque area with hiking & a volcano

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Famed memorial park with ponds & gardens

Shi-men Ting

City district known for fashion stores

Lungshan Temple

Historic Buddhist & Taoist temple


Yehliu Geopark & Baoan Temple

Alishan National Forest Recreation Area

Mountains, tea & Alishan Forest Railway

Xiangshan, Taipei

City views from viewing platforms

Shifen Waterfall

Wide waterfall in a scenic setting


Tourist attraction


Mountain popular for winter snow views

National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Commemorative hall for cultural events


Taiwan's highest peak & a summit trek

Taipei Zoo

Sizable zoo with a gondola & kids' area

Qingjing Farm

Upmarket hotel on a mountaintop farm

Shi Lin Night Market

Vibrant spot with street food & clothing

Information Desk

Amusement park with tribal performances

Anping Old Fort

Historic Dutch fortress-turned-museum

Chihkan Tower

Historic former Dutch-colonial fort

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas

Unique pagodas on a lake with paintings

Feng Chia Night Market

Popular hub of food & shopping stalls

Love River

River, romance and art

台南孔子廟 Tainan Confucius Temple

Classical 1600s Confucian temple

Jiufen Old Street

Lively street scene with food vendors

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Art & design in an old tobacco factory

Lotus Pond

Man-made lake with surrounding temples

Lambai Island

Small island with beaches & recreation

Wuling Farm

Picturesque hiking & camping destination

Liuhe Night Market/Liuhe Tourist Night Market

Bustling market with many food vendors


Scenic getaway for tea & a gondola ride

Ch'ing-shui Cliff

High coastal cliff with dramatic views

Changchun Shrine

Shrine in a picturesque setting

Beitou Hot Spring Museum

Museum of bathhouse history & culture

Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

Scenic wharf & boardwalk with sunsets

Chimei Museum

Art, music & natural history collections


Historic gold mines & WWII prison camp

Leofoo Village Theme Park

Thrill rides & animal shows since 1979

National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

Aquarium with marine exhibits & movies

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Former winery turned creative hub

Rainbow Village

Colorful street-art installation

Raohe Night Market

Bustling open-air night market


Coastal area with a long footbridge

Shifen Old Street

Historic street with shops & eateries

駁二藝術特區 The Pier2 Art Center

Cultural complex with galleries & shops

Fort San Domingo

Historic Spanish fort with water views

Gaomei Wetlands

Peaceful wetlands with sunset views

Guishan Island

Volcanic island shaped like a turtle

Taipei 101 Observatory

Observation deck with panoramic views

National Taichung Theater

Vast concert hall in a modern space

The Red House

Octagonal site with markets & theaters

Yushan National Park

Mountainous national park with ruins

Shakadang Trail

Scenic hiking area along the river

Farglory Ocean Park

Shows featuring dolphins & sea lions

National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine

Shrine with a changing of the guard

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Contemporary art of Taiwan & abroad

Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

Mountainous forest with lakes & trails

Daan Forest Park

Sprawling park in the heart of the city

National Center for Traditional Arts

Taiwanese craft & food showcase

National Taiwan Museum

Stately museum with a range of exhibits

Qixingtan Beach

Sprawling sand & rock swimming beach

Former Tait & Co. Merchant House

Taiwan history in tree-covered building

Fulong Beach

Popular beach for swimming & sunbathing

85 Sky-tower CTtraveller Suit

Skyscraper with an observation deck

Huaxi Street Night Market

Standby for shopping & unique food

E-DA Theme Park

Family-friendly amusement park

佛光山佛陀紀念館 Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

Buddhist monastery & 36m Buddha statue

The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

Scenic estate with traditional gardens

Thermal Valley

Scenic valley with sulfur hot springs

The British Consulate at Takow

Old British consulate & historic site

Presidential Office Building

Grand, historic Baroque-style building

National Museum of Natural Science

Large science center with many exhibits

Guanziling Hot Spring

Hot springs atop Zhentou Mountain

LIHPAO Discovery Land

Large amusement park with rides & pools

2/28 Peace Park

Urban park dedicated to the 228 Massacre

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei

Historic school site housing modern art

Garden Night Market

Bustling market for night eats & games

Ningxia Night Market

Open marketplace for nighttime eats

Taipei Confucius Temple

Site of original Confucius residence

Taijiang National Park

Coastal park with diverse flora & fauna

Shei-Pa National Park

Mountainous park harboring rare species

Liyu Lake

Scenic destination for biking & boating

New Taipei City Government Gold Museum

Museum & park devoted to gold mining

Hsing Tian Kong

Contemporary temple with sculptures

Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence

Stately former presidential residence

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Fine arts museum with a sculpture garden

Shichisei Mountain

Destination for hiking & hot springs

Anping Old Street

Oldest street with stalls & shops

Dalongdong Baoan Temple

Lauded 1831 temple with storied past


Nature park with diverse animal & plants

Daxi Old Street

Historic street with small shops & cafes

宜蘭羅東夜市 Yilan Luodong Night Market Attractions

Street food & drinks, plus clothes shops

Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

Museum with detailed miniature figures


Archipelago of 90 scenic islands


Picturesque lake with tourist activities

Liberty Square Arch

Large historic landmark with archways


Dihua Street & hip Taiwanese eateries

Flight Distance and Flying Time to Taiwan

Flights from Singapore, Singapore - Changi Airport (SIN) to Taiwan (TPE) - The flight distance between these airports is 2,002 miles (3,222 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 4 hours 56 minutes.

Travel Videos About Taiwan


Short guide to Taiwan

The rugged hills and mountainous terrain of Taiwan are peppered with huge towns and cities, which are packed with people. But the urban sprawl masks some beautiful landscapes and views. 

In fact with its tropical climate, volcanoes and tinge of Polynesia, Taiwan has often been described as the “Hawaii of Asia”.

Taiwan is located off the coast of China and has Taipei as its capital. The island is blessed with rolling hills, imposing peaks, inlets and beaches, which have a touch of paradise about them.

The crowded concrete jungles of the big cities and towns nestled at the bottom of the peaks. These industrial hubs mix with contemporary skyscrapers to form a backdrop to a heady mix of ancient temples and designer shops in the busy streets.

The metropolis of Taipei captivates visitors with its mix of old and modern, which live together seamlessly. Travellers will also be drawn to the variety of natural wonders on this tiny island.

Wildlife is rife among Taiwan’s national parks and 20% of the species are endangered, including the Sheepshank grass lizard and Mikado Pheasant.

Tourists can ride the Alaskan train, which is among only three mountain rails in the world, or they can hike up Jade Mountain, northeast Asia's highest mountain, and sample the stunning sunsets.

So what are you waiting for? find your cheap flights to Taiwan now!

Happy Searching!

Cheapest flight routes found to Taiwan

From Singapore

From Singapore (SIN), Singapore to Kaohsiung, Taiwan (KHH): S$192

Depart: 30 Sep 2024 · Return: 17 Oct 2024 Price found 15 Jun 2024, 17:26

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