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FlightsFinder compares low-cost flights from 100’s of airlines and OTA’s on flight routes worldwide.

Flight comparison site
Flight comparison site
Flight comparison site
Flight comparison site

We compare prices on our dashboard from the best flight comparison sites, like KAYAK, Skyscanner, Kiwi & more.

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Rest assured that we will find you the most economical prices from the world's best flight sites.

Where can you fly for cheap from Singapore?

What is Flights Finder?

What is Flights Finder?

Our flight finder is a user-friendly tool that finds consumers cheap flights by comparing prices from the world's best flight comparison sites. These websites use smart technology to compare prices from hundreds of airlines and travel agents. We make it a point to only search the most trustworthy, reliable and well known comparison sites on the market.

FlightsFinder lets you compare flights from multiple sources on one screen, including KAYAK, Skyscanner, Kiwi, momondo, Cheapflights, Google flights and others. Since each site shows different results, it's important to check them all for the best deals.

Despite comparison engines searching through hundreds of options, none have access to all the data—until now. Flights Finder addresses this issue by showcasing every available option from various sources on one screen, offering travelers a comprehensive selection.

How to compare flights quickly?

To swiftly compare flights, simply click on the tabs on our search results screen to view prices from different search engines. This streamlined process makes it effortless to pinpoint the best flight prices in a matter of moments!

How does our Flight Finder work?

How does our Flight Finder work?

FlightsFinder uses three main principles to find you a better deal.

1.) Compare multiple search engines:

We allow users to compare prices from the best sites using our easy-to-use dashboard. We pull in data from multiple engines comparing over 1200 airlines and travel agents.

2.) Compare flexible options:

Our robust flexible date calendars will estimate cheaper dates to fly on. You can browse our calendars for cheaper days to fly or even 'search anywhere' in our search form if you have nowhere in mind.

3.) Hire expert flight hunters:

We enable users to access specialist flight experts who will help them find their perfect deal for a small fee. If the expert is unable to find you a better deal we charge you nothing. 

Which flight comparison sites / flight finder is the best?

Which flight comparison sites / flight finder is the best?

No single flight comparison engine is the best every time. Each website excels in different areas: KAYAK covers North American routes well, Skyscanner is ideal for European flights, and Kiwi specializes in stitching together low-cost fares from non-affiliated global airlines. Jetradar, Jetcost, and Google Flights cater to specific needs such as Asian travel, long-haul flights, and major airline coverage respectively. The search engines we show you are the most reputable, have broad airline coverage and have access to the cheapest fares worldwide.

Here are some of the flight search engines you can compare on our site:


KAYAK logo

KAYAK is one of the most popular flight comparison engines in the world. It is owned by Booking Holdings and has millions of users worldwide. It has been live since 2004 and is our primary partner. You will see KAYAK results on the first tab of our search results screen.

2. Skyscanner

Skyscanner logo

Skyscanner is one of Europe's biggest flight search engine's. Established in 2003 they have excellent coverage of european carriers. Our flexible dates calendar is powered by the Skyscanner search engine and you can find their results on the second tab of our search results page.


KIWI logo

Established in 2011, Kiwi has established itself as an important global flight search engine. They specialise in combining fares from non-cooperating airlines to cobble together cheaper fare itineraries. Sometimes this results in long layovers but it could be worth it if you manage to save hundreds. You can compare their results on the third tab of our search results screen.

We also compare momondo, Cheapflights, Jetradar, Jetcost, Skiplagged and Google flights.

Who recommends our Flight Finder?

Who recommends our Flight Finder?

For years, experts have stressed the importance of comparing multiple flight aggregators to unearth the best deals online. Esteemed publications like Frommers have backed our approach, underscoring our potential to save travelers hundreds on a single flight. The Telegraph, The Times, and various voices within the travel industry have echoed this sentiment, advocating for the use of multiple cheap flight comparison sites as an effective search strategy.

FlightsFinder was founded on the basis of Shahab Siddiqui's extensive research in the travel domain. With over 15 years of industry experience, Siddiqui concluded that comparing flight aggregators is pivotal to discovering affordable flights. Our search engine benefits from his wealth of knowledge, and Siddiqui's insights are frequently showcased in reputable publications such as the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Mail Online, The Express, and many others.

How to find cheap flights: Questions & Answers

How do I find the cheapest flights ever?

If you are looking for the cheapest possible round trip to a particular destination on a fixed date, it would be wise to check multiple websites because different websites have different prices. Luckily FlightsFinder has made this task easy by providing you with a convenient dashboard that allows you to compare all the best search engines side by side. We search KAYAK, Skyscanner, Jetradar, momondo, Cheapflights, Kiwi, and more, effectively searching over 1200 different sources for flights to make sure you get the very best deal. To prove this, you can do a simple test, go to your favourite website, fetch the lowest price then compare it with our search engine tabs. We are highly confident we will beat or equal the price you can find anywhere else.

How do I find the cheapest dates to fly?

The number one factor which affects your flight price is the dates you choose to fly on. The more flexible you are with your flight dates, the cheaper your flight can be. Thankfully, our Flight Finder has a powerful, flexible dates flight tool. This tool allows you to see the cheapest return flight 3 days before or after your chosen dates, the entire month, or even the entire year. For example, if you wanted to fly to Jakarta from Singapore in November, It could set you back by about S$163. However, if you used our flexible search, it will tell you that if you travel in April, the price would be around S$80. The best way to find a flight that suits you is to play around with the flexible calendar function and see what comes up.

What is Meta-Meta flight search?

A metasearch engine is a site that aggregates data from multiple other websites for comparison. So for example - is a flight meta-search engine that searches hundreds of different airlines and travel agents to find which one has the cheapest deal. Various other metasearch engines exist, such as Skyscanner, momondo,, and more. We found that no single search engine finds the best deal every time without fail. Sometimes Skyscanner might find the best value, while other times, KAYAK will come out on top. This price difference is because each site has different partnerships and relies on various data sources. The best way to combat this problem is to search multiple aggregator sites/ metasearch engines we have developed here at Our mighty search allows you to compare Skyscanner, KAYAK, momondo, Kiwi, and more side by side in seconds. We call this process of searching - Meta-Meta Flight Search®.

How do I find which airline is the cheapest?

After you fill out our search form with your travel requirements and dates, hit search, and we will transfer you to our flight results dashboard. In this dashboard, you should find filters on the left-hand side of each search engine so you can see all the airlines flying your particular route. The cheapest airline is displayed by default but not necessarily the most convenient; use the filters to choose the airline you desire with direct flights or flights with stops. Keeping up to date with your favourite airline on social media and via email is also helpful, so the latest cheap deals from your favourite airline don't get past you.

Are the prices on Flights Finder accurate?

The first thing to note is that FlightsFinder has no control over the flight prices on display. We aggregate the best third-party flight search engines on one platform. It is similar to Google in that sense; we display information found by others. However, the flights that our metasearch engine partners provide are usually very accurate. There may be the odd occasion where a flight is no longer available on click-through - or a flight that was listed has now gone up in price. We recommend that if such a thing was to occur, click another search engine tab on our dashboard and look for an alternate flight.

Which search engine is best for finding cheap flights?

In our opinion, the best sites to find cheap flights are the aggregator sites. You could go to a Travel agent like Travelocity or Expedia, but you don't get as many options as you do on a flight aggregator. For example, a simple search on Expedia for a round trip flight from Singapore to Melbourne for a week in August returned the lowest price of S$490. The exact search done on FlightsFinder found a cheaper flight via KAYAK for S$388. The simple answer is no search engine is best for finding cheap flights every time - your best bet is to search a few of the best flight search engines via our convenient flight finder dashboard.

How do I find the cheapest flight price guaranteed?

To find the cheapest possible flight to your destination, you need two things. 1.) to be flexible with your dates, and 2.) Check multiple flight comparison sites. You can do this easily by using our robust, flexible date calendar, which gives you an idea of prices for the entire month or year. Then compare search engines on those days that the flights are cheapest (using our dashboard) and save even more of your ticket (even up to 20%). This strategy will practically guarantee you find the cheapest flight on earth.

How do I find the cheapest flights to a particular country or city?

To find the cheapest flight to a particular country, you need to enter a broad search in our search engine. FlightsFinder allows you to search from country to country to discover the cheapest route: e.g., Singapore to Thailand. This search will show you the most affordable airlines and flights between the two countries. You can also do a broad city-to-country search such as Singapore International Airport to the Philippines or Singapore to China - this will give you the cheapest flight to the most affordable route between that city and country. If you wish to find the cheapest flight price to a particular city, enter your departure airport to the required city destination, e.g. Singapore to Rome - then select flexible dates. You can choose flights for the whole month or even the entire year to discover the best time to fly.

How can I keep myself informed of the latest flight deals?

We recommend you sign up to our email list to receive our money-saving travel bulletin. You can sign up on our main search form, and we will keep you updated on the very best deals departing from Singapore. We also urge you to follow our social media channels, where we will be regularly posting the hottest travel deals, latest news, travel tips, and fun facts.

What are some other top tips to get the cheapest flights possible?

Other strategies you can use to find cheaper flights include booking your flight and hotel together if you also require accommodation. Sometimes agents bundle prices together, leading to a discount, so it's always worth checking that out on our flight and hotel search page. Another option is flying into a close-by city to your intended destination; if it's a cheaper city to fly into, then take a road trip to your desired destination; you can check various open-jaw options using our multi-city or one-way flights page. This way, you may save a bit plus take in the sites of another city to boot. Finally, we recommend you start looking for a flight about 54 days before departure. Leaving it to the last minute is risky and could lead to price increases and less availability of airline tickets.

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