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2. Compare the best hotel search sites
2. Compare the best hotel search sites
2. Compare the best hotel search sites
2. Compare the best hotel search sites

Save up to 35% by comparing multiple hotel comparison sites using our intuitive dashboard

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How FlightsFinder helps you compare sites & book the cheapest hotel deals

How FlightsFinder helps you compare sites & book the cheapest hotel deals has developed the world's first hotel meta-meta search™ engine. What does this mean? We search a selection of the cheapest and best hotel comparison engines from one convenient dashboard. A hotel meta-search engine or comparison site cleverly explores some of the biggest hotel brands in seconds, ensuring you get the very best hotel deals possible. By comparing multiple hotel comparison sites, you are practically guaranteed to find the perfect hotel deal as we can search hundreds of sites in a short period of time. Our powerful hotel search covers,, and, which in turn search numerous big brands such as hotels from, Agoda, Expedia,, and many more. Fill out 1 form above, hit search, and we'll display a list of tabs that you click to compare. Try it now!

How to find cheap hotels: Questions & Answers

What are the top 5 Best Hotel search engines?

The best hotel search engines or hotel comparison engines are the following: KAYAK hotels, momondo hotels, HotelsCombined hotels, Cheapflights hotels and The amazing thing about these particular sites is that they are meta-search engines which means they, in turn, search hundreds of hotel brands including, Agoda, Edreams, Expedia and many more. Our powerful hotel meta-meta search™ platform allows you to search multiple hotel comparison engines making sure you get the best hotel deals possible.

How much money can you save by comparing hotel sites?

By comparing the best hotel comparison websites you have the ability to search hundreds of hotel brands in seconds. It is much more efficient than going to each hotel brand individually and searching for hotel deals. We estimate you can save up to 35% off your hotel deal by comparing multiple hotel comparison sites using our powerful hotel meta-meta search® platform. Whether you are looking for a high-end luxury option or the cheapest budget hotel, rest assured we will find you the best hotel deal at the cheapest possible price.

How does KAYAK hotel search work?

KAYAK is our primary partner and the first site you will see results from when you do a search on our meta-meta search® platform. KAYAK searches over 2 million-plus properties worldwide and hundreds of major hotel brands from motels and resorts to bed and breakfasts and holiday lettings. The primary results are sorted by recommended properties, which basically means we list the best value properties for your particular travel dates. You can simply change the hotel options you see by using the filters provided. KAYAK also has millions of verified visitor reviews ensuring you get an honest picture of any hotel you wish to stay at.

Is it safe to book hotels through

The vital thing to note is that does not book your hotel room for you. We are a search engine that directs you to the best sources to find the perfect hotel for you. We are similar to Google in that sense; we present to you the best hotel comparison sites, which compare lots of booking sites. It is entirely safe to search for hotels on our site as we only partner with the very best hotel comparison sites, which only search the most reputable hotel booking agents for you. If you happen to have a query about a particular hotel after your booking, please get in touch with the hotel booking site you purchased from, and they will deal with any problems you may be experiencing.

Which weekday is the cheapest to book a hotel?

There is some difference of opinion over which day of the week is best to book to get the cheapest hotel price. KAYAK researchers believe that Friday and Saturday check-ins with a Sunday check-out are the most expensive combination to book a room. They conclude that the cheapest days to check in to your hotel are Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Expedia research says you can save up to 5% if you choose a Friday check-in instead of a Saturday. For the most savings, they recommend Checking in midweek on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday. They say consumers can save up to 10% by experimenting with this small hack.

How momondo hotel search works?

Momondo is a danish based travel search engine with a powerful hotel search engine. It is entirely free to use and searches hundreds of different hotel booking sites to ensure you get the very best deal. You can compare momondo hotel results via our dashboard in seconds. We have automatically filtered momondo results to show you the cheapest priced hotels from low to high as a default. You can use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to adjust star quality, see other user reviews, and the type of property required. It is always worth checking multiple sites via our intuitive dashboard to ensure a better deal never passes by you.

Is it cheaper to book your hotel closer to date?

According to research from Trivago, the sweet spot to reserve the best price for a hotel room is one month in advance. However, the main goal for hotels is to maximise their occupancy, so if there are many rooms left over, they will drop their rates to entice new customers. Some hotel sites offer 'secret deals' whereby they disclose the hotel's rough location and star level but don't disclose the actual brand. The only thing we would advise is to look for hotels where you can cancel your reservation for free (usually 24-48 hours before your stay) so that if you find a cheaper hotel elsewhere, you can rebook.

How HotelsCombined hotel search works?

HotelsCombined is one of the world's leading hotel meta-search engines. Based in Sydney, Australia, they search over 2 million deals from hundreds of hotel brands and travel chains. They are currently available in 42 languages, handle over 130 currencies and employ over 200 staff. They search multiple brands with one search, including, Agoda, AccorHotels, Hilton,, Expedia and many more. You can compare HotelsCombined on our search results page by selecting their tab at the top of the page. They also operate a best price guarantee feature which means that if you find a cheaper hotel than on the site, they will refund the difference within 30 days.

Why do hotel prices change so quickly?

The most significant reason hotel prices change is seasonal demand and room occupancy. If a festival or conference is happening in the city in the summer months, the hotel will likely hike prices up in response to demand. The best way to save some money on these occasions is to book your hotel slightly outside the city centre and further away from popular tourist attractions. Hotels centrally located tend to have higher prices as they offer easy access to the city centre and the most popular tourist spots. Hotels will drop their prices when demand is low, so for the best deals, always look for times that are not so busy (usually just before or after the peak summer period).

How to save money on hotels with price alerts?

All of the search engines on our meta-meta® hotel search platform offer what is known as price alerts. Price alerts mean that you set the maximum price you are willing to pay for your hotel, and then FlightsFinder will notify you when rates in a specific hotel or city drop. Select it on our hotel results page to activate the price alert on the left-hand side. You will find this toggle on all our partner engines whether you are searching on KAYAK, momondo, Cheapflights or HotelsCombined. Activate the toggle and enter your email to be notified about price drops regarding your particular search.

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