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Student Flights, Child and Senior Fares, Group Tickets and Bereavement fares

13 May 2020

Another little known way of saving money on your next airline ticket is by capitalizing on your particular circumstances. Airlines typically offer discounts for people in the following groups: Students, Children, Groups, the elderly and the bereaved are all eligible for discounts from many different airline companies simply because of their status.

This chapter highlights the best way of finding discounts for the various groups of people outlined above and will point you in the right direction by providing the relevant links to the most appropriate places.

Student Discounts

Many Airlines offer discounts for students provided they are eligible and can present the relevant details. Numerous sites are in existence that seeks out the best student deals, however, this requires a bit of searching around by the end-user to find the cheapest offers. (best links are provided at the end of this section)

The flights which are on offer to students can be quite flexible in nature catering specifically for the lifestyles of the young, particularly in regard to them taking out gap years and wishing to travel to a number of destinations.

Some of the potential benefits of student flights include:

- Flying in from one city and departing from another.

- Changing travel dates and routes (sometimes for free, sometimes for a minimal charge).

- Regaining refunds for unused parts of your journey.

- Validity of tickets of up to one year.

There are particular student discount cards in existence that are required to be shown in order to receive discounts on your student flights.

Listed below are the necessary student cards and where you can get them. You typically have to be enrolled in some form of educational institute and be below the age of 26.

ISIC Student Discount Card

ISIC stands for the ‘International Student Identity Card'. ISIC cards not only allow you to claim discounts on airline tickets but also in numerous other venues including cinemas, museums, some eateries and various shops. They are only available for people in FULL-TIME EDUCATION and under the age of 26. Cards can be acquired by sending the correct amount of money, a passport-sized photograph and proof of full-time student status to the address of the card issuer.

It generally takes 3-4 weeks for your card to arrive and is typically valid for one single year. If you are interested in acquiring such a card and fulfilling the requirements then -

Please Visit: ISIC Card

IYTC Student Discount Card

IYTC stands for the ‘International Youth Travel Card'. This card is typically available for those people who are not necessarily in any form of educational institute but are between the ages of 12 and 25. Endorsed by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Association (UNESCO), this card can be used to attain discounts not only on your flights but in numerous venues including theatres, cultural venues, accommodation and various shops worldwide.

All that is required to receive this card is proof of age (12 – 25) and a passport-sized photograph. If you meet these conditions then I recommend you apply for one now –

Please Visit: IYTC Card

ISE Card

ISE stands for the ‘International Student Exchange' card and entitles its holders to various discounts in practically all walks of life in a total of 58 countries.

This card is available for youths aged 12 – 26, students OF ANY AGE and any members of faculty or teaching staff. Typically available for a price of $25 you can apply for one at the following site.

Please Visit: ISE Card

So if you are a holder of one of the above cards or are eligible, I recommend you take advantage of the available discounts by booking through the agents who know where the best deals lie. Alternatively, always ask about student discounts when booking any airline tickets.

The following sites are dedicated to finding the cheapest flights for the student population and have established long and trusted relations with numerous airlines the world over.

Visit: Student Universe

Visit: Student Beans


Children are eligible for discounts on the majority of airlines. If travelling with a child under the age of 12 you will be required to pay a child fare. The discount varies from one airline to another.

Make sure you mention the age of your child to the travel agent or make sure you enter the passenger's ages in a flight search engine if booking online. If your child is under the age of 2 then they are considered as infants and can pay an infant fare on the condition that they sit on the guardian's lap. Infant baggage allowance is generally 10kg (22lbs) plus one fully collapsible pushchair (stroller). Some Airlines give infant fares for no cost at all.

If you wanted to have a seat for the infant most airlines insist on paying for a child fare.

Whatever your situation, always make sure you enquire about getting the cheapest possible price for your child passenger.

Senior Citizens

Almost all airlines honour discounts for senior citizens above the age of 62 (sometimes 65.) The average discount if available is usually within the range of 10%.

Always mention your age to the travel agent if booking through one or make sure you enter your age in a flight search engine if booking online.

There are no discounts available for disabled travellers as yet.

Group Travel

Discounts are usually available for groups of 4 people and above. If travelling with a group of 10 or more even greater discounts may be available.

Most online booking engines are not very efficient in finding the best group discounts. We recommend filling out a specific travel form offered by some specialist sites which will personally assign someone to hunt down the best group discounts available.

Another recommended way would be to phone up a particular airline and negotiate.

Benefits vary from receiving discounts from 5 – 10% to having some seats upgraded from economy to first class.

We recommend the following sites if looking online when travelling in large groups.

Visit: Flightcentre Group Booking Page

Bereavement Fares

Airlines often offer discounts to people who have to travel in an emergency due to sudden death in the family or a critical illness. These types of tickets are commonly known as bereavement fares. If in the unfortunate position of being eligible for one of these fares, the benefits include receiving anywhere from 10 – 75% off the regular ticket price, being able to fly at the last minute and receiving flexible return dates

To be eligible for the discount you have to be able to prove the following

The name of the person who is ill or deceased

Your relationship with that individual

The name, address and phone number of the hospital, health facility or funeral home

The name and phone number of the attending doctor or a copy of the death certificate in the event of death.

Parents, grandparents, spouses, children, aunts/uncles, siblings, and nieces and nephews are all typically eligible for bereavement fares.

It is best advised if finding yourself in this situation to rely on an established and trusted travel agent to find you the best deal rather than hunting yourself, the last thing on your mind at the time of bereavement is looking around for discounts.

Also, be aware that bereavement fares are not always the cheapest, so explore other options as well before settling on your final decision

In Conclusion

Always make sure you take advantage of your situation and claim the relevant discounts whether you are a student, senior citizen or travelling in a group.

You will be required to prove your status and provide some form of evidence to be eligible for discounts, so make sure you read through the requirements mentioned in this article before you apply to receive your bargain flight.

Note: We recommend comparing any flight quotes you receive against prices obtained from our website. This is because we search 500 major travel sites via 10 of the most powerful flight comparison sites online.

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