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CheapFlights Review

Posted On 31 May 2019 Review And Analysis

cheapflights was one of the pioneers of the flight comparison model. Founded in 1996 by travel journalist John Hatt it was one of the first ever sites to attempt to list the best flight deals from hundreds of different travel providers. The site soon became extremely popular and was soon taken over by the team of Hugo barge and David Soskin. Under new management the brand went from strength and successfully managed to penetrate the European market and the USA with a dedicated US domain at

In this article we examine their flight search and look at its pros and cons. 

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Pros and Cons of

Pros of

Huge number of deals published. has a relationship with hundreds of travel providers which provide content to Cheapflights regarding their best flight deals almost daily. Relationships range from some of the most popular airlines and travel agencies to some of the least known small flight consolidators. With so many providers listed the number of deals published is vast. In recent times they have evolved into a fully blown search engine which is powerful and fast and includes budget carriers as well as established airlines in their results.

Other resources. has a number of interesting sections on their site covering everything from airport advice and travel guides to travel news and advice. They also have a nice inspiration generator which suggests novel travel ideas based on a number of preferences you may have such as being sunny or being under a certain budget etc.

Clean and easy to navigate site

The site is fairly straight forward and uncluttered. The deals are listed in a very bold manner and it is easy to browse different seasons via the tabs at the top of the results.

The site is easy to navigate and consumers can find the information they are looking for in a relatively pain free manner.

Cons of

Some deals do not exist.

One of the biggest complaints about Cheapflights is that a lot of the prices that they have on display are not accurate. Many times you can see a great deal listed on Cheapflights only to realise it cannot be booked at that price upon contacting the vendor. Consumers may have to visit multiple sites until they actually find a deal which they can book making the process rather frustrating for consumers.

Can be beaten by other aggregators on various routes

Cheapflights flights are not always the cheapest. There are a number of other flight aggregators on the market which can and do beat Cheapflights flights on occasion. Other aggregators which occasionally beat Cheapflights on price are Skyscanner, Jetcost, Dohop, and Kayak.

In Conclusion. remains one of the most popular flight comparison sites with millions of monthly users. As we have highlighted above there are some problems with the deals they have on display but occasionally they can find a bargain flight.

In conclusion we recommend checking a few different flight comparison sites to be sure of the best flight deal. Some other powerful flight comparison engines we recommend include Skyscanner, Kayak, Dohop and of course their partner site Momondo.

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