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Which Site has the Cheapest Flights? Google, Skyscanner or KAYAK

18 September 2018

Which comparison site is the cheapest most of the time? - this is the simple question we set out to answer so that consumers can get the best value for their hard earned money.

In order to answer this we tested 60 flight routes to popular global destinations from 3 of the busiest airports in the UK, Namely London, Manchester and Birmingham.

To keep our results fair we searched 7 of the leading comparison engines - with exactly the same search parameters and search dates and recorded the results in a chart. We clearly marked the winning search engine (or joint winner) in green and marked the most expensive in red.

The search engines we chose to compare are some of the most popular online, however we also included ones which are not as popular but can, on occasion, offer great value for money. The 7 search engines we analysed were Google flights, Skyscanner, KAYAK, Momondo, Cheapflights, Jetcost and Dohop.

Here are the results in a graphical table below:

Which site is cheapest


The results were somewhat surprising - 

Travel search engines which showed the most expensive flights or joint expensive:

1.) Google flights - 53% of the time Google was most expensive.

2.) Jetcost - 35% of the time Jetcost was most expensive.

3.) Skyscanner 13% of the time Skyscanner was most expensive.

4.) momondo - 8% of the time was most expensive.

5.) Cheapflights - 8% of the time was most expensive.

6.) Dohop - 6% of the time was most expensive.

7.) KAYAK - 5% of the time was most expensive.

Cheapest or joint cheapest search engines - 

1.) Skyscanner - 40% of the time found the cheapest.

2.) momondo - 38% of the time found the cheapest.

3.) KAYAK - 36% of the time found the cheapest.

4.) Cheapflights and Dohop - 35% of the time found the cheapest.

5.) Google flights - 18% of the time found the cheapest.

6.) Jetcost - 13% of the time found the cheapest. 

In Conclusion:

It is evident from our research that it is very unpredictable which search engine will perform the best on any given route. Sometimes Skyscanner has the best flight, other times it is KAYAK, on another occasion, it might be momondo, Google flights or maybe a little known Dohop. The best and most sound advice is to search many search engines whenever you are looking for the best deal- i.e search and compare all of the search engines listed above to be sure you are getting the optimal price for your flight.

This, however, can be a bit of a headache having to search so many comparison sites one after the other - entering in the same details over and over again. That is the reason why we invented our search engine here at is the world first Meta-Meta flight search engine - in other words its the first search engine which compares all the other search engines or comparison sites for you. Simply go to our homepage, do a search and then easily compare all the leading flight comparison sites from one easy-to-use dashboard. Doing so enables you to compare Skyscanner, KAYAK, momondo, Cheapflights, Google flights, Jetcost, Dohop and more in seconds and ensures you secure the absolute best price for your next flight.

So what are you waiting for - try it out now!

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