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Advice for Multi City Trips

Posted On 13 January 2016

Multi Flights Advice – How To Get The Best Price On Multi Stop Trips

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Most people go to one particular site if they are looking for multi flights to a number of different city destinations.

Multi flights are those intineraries which require flights from one city to the next and contain multiple destinations as opposed to a single return flight which flies to just to one destination and back.

Some of the more popular sites which offer multiple flights are Expedia,, Ebookers and Travelocity.

What many people don’t realize is that each of these sites can produce different results on the same multi flight route.

To be sure of the best deal you need to compare all of them simultaneously.

To demonstrate this fact we present to you 3 different multi destination routes and show you how prices can vary significantly between them…

Our Comparison of 3 routes containing multi flights –

Route 1

LONON – NEW YORK – flying 5th of March
NEW YORK – SAN FRANCISCO – flying 12th of March
SAN FRANCISCO – LONDON – flying 22th of March

Expedia price – £578.69
flying with virgin and Alaska.

Lastminute price£576.79 (cheapest)
flying with virgin and jetblue.

Ebookers price – £611.04
flying with American Airlines.

Travelocity price – £621
flying with Delta Airlines.

Route 2

NEW YORK – LONDON – flying 1st of June
LONDON – ROME – flying 7th of June
ROME – NEW YORK – flying 12th of June

Expedia price£661.06 (cheapest)
flying with Air Berlin.

Lastminute price – £957.60
flying with Air France.

Ebookers price – £922.14
flying with Air france.

Travelocity price – £915
flying with Air France.

Route 3

TOKYO – BARCELONA – flying 12th of August
BARCELONA – DUBAI – flying 17thth of August
DUBAI – TOKYO – flying 24th of August

Expedia price – £1404
flying with emirates.

Lastminute price – £1421
flying with emirates.

Ebookers price – £1401
flying with Emirates.

Travelocity price£1396 (cheapest)
flying with Emirates.

Conclusion and Analysis

As you can see the prices for multi flights vary between the different travel agents.

In order to get the best price it is always wise to compare a number of different sites to be sure of the best deal.

We know that this can be time consuming and quite tedious to do so we developed a search engine which would make things easier for you.

We have developed a multi flight search engine which compares all of the sites we have mentioned above with 1 single search.

Our multi city flight search engine makes it easy to compare multiple sites and make sure you find the very best deal every single time.

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