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Cheap Flights Finder is The World's First "Meta-Meta Flight Search®" comparison engine. It is the only flight finder to compare 10 of the best flight comparison sites to find the cheapest flights online searching over 1000 airlines and 100's of travel agent sites in the process. This method practically guarantees finding you the most low-cost flights on the planet every single time. Meta search engines or flight aggregators are great at finding cheap flight deals, however there is a downside to these search engines as we explain below...

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Cheap Flight Comparison Problem?

There is an important downside to flight comparison sites which many people ignore that could end up costing you more money on your flights than they should. The simple fact of the matter is that no single flight search engine can be relied upon every single time. They often beat each other on price and that is why travel experts and those in the know recommend searching MULTIPLE flight comparison sites to be certain of locating a cheaper deal. Our unique flight finder is the world's first website to facilitate this task in a quick and easy manner.

Cheap Flights Finder Cheap Flights Finder

The Best Cheap Flight Finder

Our unique dashboard allows you to quickly flip back and forth through sites and compare low-priced flights from Skyscanner, Momondo, Dohop,, Tripadvisor, Hipmunk, Kayak, Travelsupermarket and Google flights in seconds. We also search leading travel agents DIRECTLY including Expedia,, Opodo and Ebookers to make sure you're not missing out on a thing. Simply fill out our form with your flight requirements then browse through different sites until you find the perfect flight. So whether you need flight tickets to India, New York or Timbuktu we got you covered!

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Flight Features:

Our comprehensive flight finder offers numerous different search options to find the cheapest available flights - choose between one way flights or flexible date flights where you can view the best prices (including cheap airline error fares) in the entire month or even the entire year. Alternately our multi city flight search is the single most comprehensive search online enabling you to compare the best meta search engines for the cheapest available multi stop trips. We also search business class flights, first class flights and cheap group flights for 10 people and above.

Destination Guides Destination Guides

Flight Inspiration:

Browse our in depth destination pages where you can quickly discover the cheapest time to fly to any particular destination from 30 of the worlds busiest airports. View price graphs and clear charts showing you the best times to fly and read informative travel guides about each destination. It is also an ideal place to discover destinations you may never have thought about visiting before - opening your mind to a whole new range of travel possibilities. Browse the cheapest deals in each continent from Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. Alternately use our "Search Everywhere" feature in our search form to discover the absolute best deals flying out of your local airport.

Latest Travel Deals Latest Travel Deals

Secret Flight Deals:

Our cheapest deals section is dedicated to showing you the latest and best travel deals found using our meta-meta flight search engine. We regularly scour the web for the cheapest available deals and when we find them we post them to this section on our blog. Find the cheapest flight deals to New York or low cost flights to Dubrovnik, Tenerife, Dubai, Istanbul, Faro, Lanzarote, Rome, India, Hong Kong plus many more exciting destinations. Besides flight deals we also have comprehensive search tools to help you find the best priced hotels, flight and hotel package deals and car rental prices, making our site a truly one stop travel shop.

Flight Search Strategies Flight Search Strategies

Flight Search Tips:

We have a dedicated catalogue of flight tips and tricks showing you the best strategies on how to find the absolutely cheapest deals online. Our archive of in-depth articles explain how to find cheap airline error fares, how to use crowdsourcing to find cheaper flights, how to find the best times to fly, how to bag cheap student deals, how to claim compensation for overbooked flights, when to use specialised travel agents, how to maximise frequent flyer miles, how to get the cheapest multi city trips, how the concept of meta-meta flight search works and much much more. 

In Depth Analysis In Depth Analysis

Flight Reviews:

We review, compare and analyse some of the best flight aggregators and travel booking sites popular with consumers right now. We outline the pros and cons of each travel search engine and show you their best and worst features. We also explain how to get the most out of each travel search engines particular features. We have conducted in depth reviews of Skyscanner, momondo, Travelsupermarket, Expedia, Kayak, Google flights and more to help you make an informed decision on where best to find your next cheap flight.

Latest Flight News Latest Flight News

Cheap Flight News:

Cheap flights finder brings you the latest flight related news on the news section of our blog. Whether an airline has recently launched a flash flight sale or if a new airline route has been announced we’ll let you know. We’ll also inform you of any news related to flight cancellations, natural disasters which may affect flight routes or the latest political developments which may affect particular flight paths. Finally, our news team also brings you the latest updates on airline rules and regulations and any new innovations in the airline industry being introduced to make passengers lives in the sky even more comfortable.

Fun Aviation Facts Fun Aviation Facts

Fun Flight Facts:

Our fun facts section covers some of the most interesting aviation related stories from around the globe. Discover amazing things that people do with discarded old airplanes, see amazing pictures of the worlds largest airports hangars, learn about some of the worlds most haunting abandoned airports, discover the top ten cheapest airlines in the world and much much more. Be sure to check this section regularly as we will update it with many fun related airline facts which will be sure to keep you entertained. So there you have it - don't forget to spread the word about our site to your family and friends and follow our latest posts and updates on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube :) Happy Flying!