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Offsetting Carbon Emissions

10 February 2022

There is a raging debate going on between those that say flying is a major pollutant of our environment and those that say otherwise.

The proponents of cheap air travel argue that the contribution of air flights to overall environmental damage is negligible compared to other industries including nuclear factories and the shipping industry.

Whatever your position or stance on this subject, it is generally accepted by the people at large that it is impractical to stop air travel altogether.

However, being responsible human beings we must do everything within our power to ensure a better future for our children.

A compromise that has been reached as a result of this debate is that individuals should offset the carbon emissions produced by their aircraft whenever they fly.

This is the process of supporting an organisation that helps the environment by offsetting harmful carbon emissions by planting trees to produce more oxygen in the environment.

There are sites that allow you to calculate how much you need to pay to offset the number of emissions you produce on your flight to a particular destination.

Here we present you with a list of sites where you can help offset your carbon emissions and find out more information.

Responsible Travel

Climate Care

Carbon Neutral

Enjoy responsible Flying!

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