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How to find flight deals to Laos:

How to find flight deals to Laos:

1. Enter your search requirements for Laos

2. Compare the best Laos deals from top comparison engines
2. Compare the best Laos deals from top comparison engines
2. Compare the best Laos deals from top comparison engines
2. Compare the best Laos deals from top comparison engines

2. Compare the best Laos deals from top comparison engines

How to find flight deals to Laos:

3. Book your Laos flight at the cheapest price

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Map of Laos

How to find cheap and flexible flights to Laos - Q & A

Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Laos beckons with its serene beauty and enchanting simplicity. Known as the "Land of a Million Elephants," this landlocked country captivates visitors with its lush jungles, meandering rivers, and ancient temples steeped in spirituality. Travelling through Laos unveils a tapestry of diverse cultures, where tradition intertwines with modernity, creating a captivating blend of old-world charm and contemporary allure. The gentle pace of life in Laos encourages visitors to slow down, immerse themselves in the rhythm of local living, and discover the hidden gems that await around every corner.

Which month is cheapest to fly to Laos?

The cheapest month to fly to Laos is typically in September.

What is the cheapest flight to Laos that we have found?

The best price we found is for S$178 from Singapore to Vientiane.

Which popular airlines fly to Laos?

Some popular airlines include: Lao Skyway, Scoot Tigerair, Thai AirAsia.

What is considered a good price to Laos?

A good price for a flight to Vientiane is S$160 - S$196.

Which popular airports are in Laos?

The popular airports in Laos are Wattay International Airport in Vientiane, Luang Prabang International Airport, and Pakse International Airport.

How long does it take to fly to Laos?

The flight to Laos (VTE) is roughly 3 hours 3 minutes and 1,154 miles (1,857 kilometres) from Singapore, Singapore - Changi Airport (SIN).

How do I find the cheapest possible flights to Laos?

The best way is to compare flights to Laos from leading comparison sites using our search engine dashboard.

Things to do in Laos

Kuang Si Waterfall

Rushing waterfalls & natural pools

Pha That Luang Vientiane

Historic gold stupa over 44 m. high

Phousi Hill

Popular hiking summit with sunset views

Wat Xiengthong

Buddhist temple with gardens & shrines

Buddha Park

Statue park with numerous Buddha figures

Pak Ou Caves ຖ້ຳຕິ່ງ

Spiritual site with mini carved Buddhas

Patuxay Monument

Landmark arch & war memorial

Plain of Jars Site 3

Megalithic plain of Iron Age stone jars

Royal Palace

History museum in a storied mansion

Vat Phou

Ruins of Hindu temple with hilltop views

Bolaven Plateau

Highlands with waterfalls & coffee

Sisaket Temple

Temple with thousands of Buddha figures

Hophakaew Museum

Ex-Buddhist temple, now a museum & shop

Phu Chi Fa

Forest park with mountain views

Wat Si Muang

Busy Buddhist temple dating to 1563

Tat Sae Waterfalls

Stunning seasonal waterfalls with pools

Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge

Overpass with walking lanes & views

Tham Kong Lo

Cave and river

Wat May Souvannapoumaram

Large Buddhist temple with ornate decor

That Dam Stupa-สวนธาตุดำ

Storied stupa in the shape of a bell

Don Det

Mekong River island & backpacker hub

COPE Visitor Centre

Museum covering history of bombings

Gibbon Experience Office

Zip line, jungle, nature, ecotourism and adventure

Tad Yuang Waterfall

Dual waterfall amid dramatic scenery

Elephant Village Sanctuary & Resort

Hands-on encounters with elephants

Nam Ha National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area

Lush terrain with hiking & wildlife

Wat Wisunarat

1500s temple with a landmark stupa

Wat Luang

Temple and buddhism

Haw Pha Bang

Ornate Buddhist temple from 1963

Night Market

Lively evening market for food & crafts

Pha Tad Ke / Botanical Garden Reception

Tropical plants in a scenic setting

Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre

Museum of tribal crafts & folk customs

Morning Market

Lao crafts, produce & food stalls

Alms Giving Ceremony in Luang Prabang

Key site for a Laotian Buddhist ceremony

Don Khon

River island & Irrawaddy dolphins

Bokeo Nature Reserve

Conservation area dedicated to gibbons

Wat Aham

Small 19th-century Buddhist temple

Vientiane Night Market

Riverfront stalls with crafts & textiles

Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre

Waterfall, bears and asian black bear

Chao Anouvong Park

Park with a promenade & night market

Nahm Dong Park

Nature reserve

Phou Khao Khouay National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area

Park and garden, protected area, ecotourism, forest and camping

The Living Land Company

Hands-on experiences at a rice farm

Tad Thong Waterfall

Tourist attraction

Tham Chang

Picturesque cave with a spring

Xe Bang Fai Cave

Cave and river

Mekong Elephant Park

Animal Protection Organisation

Lao Textile Museum

Exhibits on handwoven local fabrics

Kong Lor Cave

Tourist attraction

Phou Bia


Kaeng Nyui Waterfall

Tourist attraction

Luang Prabang morning market

Local produce & an early opening

Li Phi Falls / Tat Somphamit Waterfalls

Scenic, remote waterfall with fishing

Sala Done Khone Hotel

Point of interest

Wat Manorom

Temple, buddhism and architecture

Wat Mixai

Temple and architecture

Dinosaur Museum

Compound building

Kuang Si Butterfly Park

Park and garden and nature


Tourist attraction

Nam Ngum Dam

Lake and reservoir

That Ing Hang

Buddhist stupa from the 16th century

Historic Bridge, Don Det - Don Khon

Waterfall, dolphin and river

Lao People’s Army History Museum

Museum of Laotian military history

Wat Phon Phao

Temple, buddhism and architecture

Lao-Nippon Bridge


Dara Market

Covered market selling textiles & more

King Anouvong Statue

Tourist attraction

Nam Ha NPA Information Center

Protected area, river, nature and kayaking

Tham Nang Aen Cave

Park and Garden

Wat Ong Teu

16th-century Buddhist temple complex

Ban Pako

Compound building

Fort Carnot


Manifa Elephant Camp

Cave, nature and waterfall

Hamburger Hill

Mountain Peak

Xe Pian National Bio-Diversity Conservation Area

Protected area, wetland and park and garden

Flight Distance and Flying Time to Laos

Flights from Singapore, Singapore - Changi Airport (SIN) to Laos (VTE) - The flight distance between these airports is 1,154 miles (1,857 kilometres). The direct flight time is roughly 3 hours 3 minutes.

Travel Videos About Laos


Short guide to Laos

A thrilling glimpse of the old Indochina is offered by a visit to Laos. The country, historically called Lan Xang, offers unspoilt beauty and a charming welcome.

Visitors will discover an intoxicating mix of Buddhism and Gallic influences and a shy hospitality. But although Laos is not as modern as China or Thailand and its people more reserved, it still offers endless opportunities of discovery.

With Cambodia among its direct neighbours, the rugged and mountainous country is located in the centre of South Eastern Asia. Running right through the country is the talismanic Mekong River, a crucial supplier of water for agriculture and a pivotal method of transport. 

The capital Vientiane sits regally on the banks of the Mekong and offers a charming sample of Laos’ charm. Among the most tempting attractions is the ex-royal kingdom of Luang Prabang, with its gleaming temples and picture-postcard whitewashed houses.

Laos has grown out of a chequered past amid a barrage of French colonisation, domestic disputes and Communism. These problems forced the majority of the people to flee in the Seventies and the country became cut off from the rest of the world. 

But the nation has slowly recovered and facilities for travellers and tourists are slowly being introduced, so visitors can experience a peek at the traditional Laos lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? find your cheap flights to Laos now!

Happy Searching!

Cheapest flight routes found to Laos

From Singapore

From Singapore (SIN), Singapore to Vientiane, Laos (VTE): S$178

Depart: 03 Aug 2024 · Return: 17 Aug 2024 Price found 15 Jun 2024, 10:18

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