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We search over 1200 travel sites. Over 600 airlines and dozens of travel agents for low-priced flights


Our powerful search engine works by comparing the world's foremost comparison sites on one screen

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What exactly is a cheap flight?

What exactly is a cheap flight?

A cheap flight is an airline ticket price considerably lower than its regular price. For example, a round-trip flight from Toronto to London could generally set you back around $800 -£$1000, but if you found the same flight for around $500, that would be considered 'cheap'. 

One of the easiest ways to find affordable airfare is to 'search anywhere' in our user-friendly search engine; this will give you the cheapest flights departing from your chosen airport. To see the cheapest flights to particular cities, browse our destinations pages; this will give you an idea of low-cost prices there. Another simple way is to play around with our 'Low-cost flight deal finder' below to locate the latest cheapest flights around the globe.

Where can I find the cheapest flights?

When it comes to finding lower-cost flights, comparison sites are your best bet. Our flight finder is a robust search engine designed to assist you in finding a cheap flight by comparing prices across various leading flight comparison websites. These sites utilize cutting-edge technology to compare airfares from hundreds of airlines and travel agents. Rest assured, we only search for the most trustworthy, reliable, and well-known comparison sites on the market, ensuring your flight search is secure and reliable.

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The FlightsFinder dashboard compares flights from the best flight aggregators, including KAYAK, Skyscanner, Kiwi, momondo, JetRadar, Cheapflights, Google flights and more. You will notice that each flight comparison engine will deliver different results, making it imperative to search more than one to be sure of the most affordable price.

Low-cost flight deal finder

How to find the cheapest flights?

How to find the cheapest flights?

We recommend the following ways you can use our flight finder to get yourself an affordable flight.


  1. Compare Sites - Make sure you click at least 4 comparison engines on our search result page. In fact the more you click and compare the more certain you can be that you’ve got the best deal.
  2. Be Flexible - Use our flexible calendars to see if departing on a different day will be cheaper. Our calendars can easily be accessed by selecting flexible dates in our search form or clicking the ‘date grid’ icon on the search results page.
  3. Try Alternate Airports - Try searching for multiple departure airports. You can search from the entire country to a particular country using our broad search engine. You will find it just above under the heading - ‘Low-cost flight deal finder’.
  4. Compare One Way - Try searching for 2 separate one way flights rather than a return flight. You can do that easily by selecting the one way flight option on our main search engine. We also have flexible calendars for one way flight search.
  5. Add a Layover - Try adding a layover to see if that will cut the price down. Sometimes it is worth breaking your journey up by stopping at a destination on the way. You can play around with this option using our multi city flight option.
Where is it cheapest to fly to right now?

Where is it cheapest to fly to right now?

Here are some cheap round-trip flight deals we uncovered using our search engine departing from various Canadian airports; click the destinations to see up-to-date pricing.
Toronto to Fort Lauderdale, USA - $151
Toronto to Cancun, Mexico - $242
Toronto to Nassau, Bahamas - $326
Vancouver to San Francisco, USA - $99
Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - $197
Montreal to San Juan, Puerto Rico - $179
Montreal to Guatemala City, Guatemala - $284
Calgary to Seattle, USA - $118
Calgary to Reykjavik, Iceland - $340
Edmonton to Las Vegas - $128

Can I get an expert to help me find a cheap flight?

Can I get an expert to help me find a cheap flight?

FlightsFinder offers a unique service for those struggling to find cheaper flights. For a small fee, you can hire a flight search expert on our site who will 'beat your best price'—or else you get your money back.

Our expert flight hunters have a proven track record of saving consumers money by using various tactics and exploring little-known tricks to shave money off your flight price. Some of the tactics include - searching multiple reliable and safe websites, searching multiple different departure and arrival dates, comparing prices from different departure and arrival airports, Seeing if layovers can reduce the cost and utilizing points and miles in the most efficient ways.

A recent success story was when a customer called Michael asked our experts to find him a cheaper flight from Atlanta to New Zealand, then Canada, and back to Atlanta. The best price he could find was $5960 (approx: CAD $8212). Our expert searched high and low and managed to secure a cheaper deal for $4948 (approx: CAD $6818) on another website that Michael had not considered. Needless to say, Michael was delighted with the results.

Flight expert help

You can start with our experts by clicking the expert help icon in the bottom right corner.


How to find cheap flights? Question and Answers

What is the best way to find cheap flights?

The first and most crucial element in finding a cheaper flight is knowing which days are more affordable. You can discover this using our calendar function by clicking the 'flexible dates' option or 'date grid' icon on our search result pages. Secondly, comparing multiple sites on those optimal dates is essential to see if you can save even more money. Our search engine allows you to efficiently compare some of the best search engines online, from KAYAK to Skyscanner to Google flights, to ensure you get all the deals.

In which month are flights cheapest?

Use our calendar to decipher this, or go to our destination pages to get a good idea of the cheapest flight by month. Generally speaking, January and February are the most affordable months to travel, but passengers can get bargains at any time of the year.

Which airlines are cheapest?

Some of the cheapest airlines in the world are - Tiger Airways (Far East), SpiceJet (India), Air Arabia (Middle East), WestJet Airlines (Canada), Air Asia, JetBlue (North America), Ryanair (Europe), EasyJet (Europe), and Southwest Airlines (North America).

How can you use our calendars to find a cheaper date to fly?

Our flexible search currently offers two options. One will tell you the cheapest time to fly 'anywhere' in your chosen month, and the other will tell you the cheapest time to fly to a city you select. For the first option, choose' Flexible—search everywhere' in the search form, then select your degree of flexibility. In the other, input a city, then select your degree of flexibility. Our calendar will then pinpoint the cheapest dates to fly on.

Which day is the cheapest to depart for a low-cost flight?

Multiple studies by various flight search engines, including ours, have shown that flying mid-week on a Tuesday or a Wednesday is 'mostly' cheaper than flying on other days.

How far in advance should I book for a discount?

The optimal time to book your flight is around the 2-month mark. Other studies have shown that the optimal time is around 54 days before departure. Generally speaking, these are the best times to begin thinking about flying, leaving any later risks, price increases and limited availability.

Which website finds the cheapest flights?

There is no single magic website that finds you the absolute best deal every single time. You must compare multiple sources to ensure you get all the information. Some of the best sites include comparison sites. However, we always recommend searching more than one comparison site. The FlightsFinder dashboard makes these comparisons and searches effortless.

Is booking multiple single flights cheaper?

It depends. Booking two separate flights can be more economical for short-haul budget flights. For the long haul, booking a round-trip with the same airline is generally cheaper than booking two separate one-way flights.

Can someone help me find a cheap flight?

Certainly! Our travel experts are on standby to 'beat your price' and get you a great deal. They require a small upfront payment, which will incentivize them to begin their hunt. They only keep your fee if they make you a substantial saving over the best price you could find. Click the expert help icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to get started.

What are the disadvantages of low-cost flights?

Beware of extra fees, such as checked luggage charges, Seat selection fees, and additional processing fees. Also, expect less plane service, such as free meals and in-flight entertainment. Finally, some cheap airlines depart from much smaller airports with fewer amenities for travellers.

This page is fact-checked by Shahab Siddiqui.

This page is fact-checked by Shahab Siddiqui.

The content on this page was authored and verified by Shahab Siddiqui, the visionary behind Over 15 years ago, he introduced the innovative idea of a Meta-Meta flight search engine and remains an influential voice on international travel matters.

Shahab's insights have been highlighted in numerous prestigious publications such as Business Insider, The LA Times, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and The Huffington Post, among others. Remarkably, he built while receiving dialysis treatment for kidney failure. His inspiring journey is detailed here.
To connect with Shahab, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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