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Flexible Dates

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Select 'everywhere' or check our flexible calendar to see the cheapest day, month or best time in the year to fly

2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines

Save up to 20% by comparing multiple flight comparison sites using our intuitive dashboard

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How FlightsFinder finds you the cheapest flexible flights with the world's best comparison sites

How FlightsFinder finds you the cheapest flexible flights with the world's best comparison sites

We have developed one of the world's most powerful flexible flight search engines here at FlightsFinder. Search 'Everywhere' from your local departure airport or search for particular destinations and view flexible date prices via our calendar. You can select the cheapest flights three days before or after your chosen dates, the whole month or the entire year. You can filter results on our calendar to show direct only flights if you wish. We also have your back if you are looking for flights with no cancellation fees. Select the filter which says 'no change fees' on our primary search engine, and we will show you flexible flights that you can alter without any charge. We also allow you to quickly compare the world's best comparison engines from one dashboard, including KAYAK, Skyscanner, momondo,, Jetradar, etc.

How to find cheap flexible flights: Questions & Answers

What are the top 5 flexible flight search engines?

The top 5 flexible flight search engines, if you are searching for flexible flight dates, are Skyscanner, KAYAK, momondo, and Google flights. These are powerful search engines with some form of calendar view showing the cheapest days to book your flight. Here at FlightsFinder, we use data from multiple aggregators to populate our flight calendar, making it one of the most complete you can see online. The difference with our search engine is that once you have identified the cheapest days to fly, you can then go on and compare all of the world's leading search engines from one dashboard, potentially saving you up to 20% off your next airline ticket.

How much can I save with flexible flights?

The number one factor affecting flight prices are the days you choose to fly. The savings can be truly remarkable if you look a month or two either side of your flight times or even check a few days. For example, if you wanted to fly from Riyadh to Istanbul in August, It could set you back by about SAR1133. If you want to check a few days before or after your travel dates, select our check box in the flexible dates field that says +/- 3 days. To find the cheapest flight in the entire month, select 'whole month' and select' whole year' to find the best possible return flight price across the entire year.

How to find flexible flights that have no cancellation fees?

In a post covid world, it has become necessary to find tickets that you can amend quickly if unexpected events occur. Common issues that may mean you need to change your booking are the travel policies shifting of a country you intend on visiting by requiring you to quarantine on arrival or on your return, which may not be feasible. Or you may become ill, requiring you to change your travel plans. Whatever the case may be, many airlines charge a premium for you to change or amend your booking once made. To get around these exorbitant change fees, it is sometimes wise to look for flexible flights that have no change fees. You can find these 'no change fees' tickets on our site via our first flight search engine results. Select the filter that says 'no change fees', and we will show you the flights via KAYAK with flexible rebooking options for no extra charge. Just check the change fees for a regular booking to see if the price is lower than booking a flexible 'no change fee' flight.

How to use Skyscanner flexible dates?

Skyscanner has one of the world's most comprehensive flexible date flight engines. They offer users the ability to search from entire countries to 'everywhere' - for example, Saudi Arabia to anywhere in the world. This search shows you the cheapest airports to fly to from your departing country. Moreover, Skyscanner lets you select on their calendar which month you would like to travel in (for a monthly overview) or select the 'cheapest month', which will tell you the cheapest month to fly in the whole year. They have flexible calendars for both one way and return flights. The downside to the Skyscanner flexible dates calendar is that it only shows flights found by users in the last four days, which sometimes mean the results can be outdated. Moreover, less travelled routes contain fewer historical prices and sometimes none. We use Skyscanner data to populate our calendars; the only difference is that we let you compare numerous flight comparison site results alongside Skyscanner results which often lead to savings, sometimes up to 20%.

How to use KAYAK flexible dates?

KAYAK has a handy 'explore' feature which shows you the best flexible flight deals plotted on an interactive global map. All you need is to enter your departure airport, and the map will show you the best domestic and international flight deals found by other KAYAK users in the last 48 hours. You can also refine your results by searching for a particular country, a specific month, direct flights or flights with stops, budget, duration and type of trip. Once again, because it relies on other users' historical usage, you may find that less searched for routes have little data about them. You can play around with their flexible calendar here: KAYAK/explore. Once you have found a deal on KAYAK, we encourage you to use our site to price check against multiple other aggregators on our website as, on occasion, they can beat the prices found on KAYAK.

How to use Google flights flexible dates?

Google flights have the fastest search engine on the planet, results load in seconds, and they have very comprehensive calendars which show you the cheapest days to travel in the entire month. You can see their flexible flight price calendars by selecting the 'date grid' or the 'price graph' buttons. The date grid presents data in a calendar view whilst the price graph shows you flights in bar graph form. The ITA matrix provides the data and is not dependent on previous searchers to populate it, making it some of the most comprehensive flexible flight data on the web. However, it is a fact that Google flights don't always get you the best possible deal due to the limited number of OTA's Google searches. To get the best possible benefit from them, we recommend you get the best dates to fly from their flexible calendars, then come to and compare multiple aggregators on those dates and see if you can save even more. You can often save up to 20% more simply by checking numerous flight aggregators via our easy to use dashboard.

How to use flexible dates? is the Czech Republic's biggest metasearch engine famous for finding cheap flights by virtual interlining, stitching together fares from airlines that traditionally do not work together. You can find their flexible flight calendars on their search results page by selecting the 'pricing table' or to view a bar graph of the lowest priced flights instead, pick 'price trends'. Their flexible flight results are very comprehensive, and you can find data on even the most obscure routes. Once again, we suggest finding the best days to fly by using our Flexi calendars then price checking their live results with our multi aggregator tab based flight dashboard to see if you can pinch a bit more off your ticket.

How to find the cheapest flexible flight 3 days before or after your flight

Sometimes you can find cheaper flights if you look a few days on either side of your travel dates if your schedule permits. Please enter your departure and arrival airports, then select your preferred dates of flying; after that, choose our flexible dates tab and check the box which says +/- 3 days. We will then take you to our flexible dates calendar to quickly look at prices on surrounding dates. Please note that the display prices were found in the last 15 days and may no longer be available - the only way to check live availability is to select a date and click 'show flights' - then compare multiple live prices.

How to find the cheapest flexible flight in the entire month

Our flight finder also allows you to find the cheapest return flight in any particular month. For example, say you wanted to see the most inexpensive return flight from Riyadh to Dubai or Jeddah to Karachi in June. First, enter your departure airport to one of those arrival cities. After that, select some dates in June in our calendar; select the flexible dates tab, and check the box that says 'whole month'. We will then show you the cheapest combination of departure and arrival dates for your search on our calendar in that particular month. Our results are colour coded so that the lowest price will be in blue, whilst lower prices will be in green while the more expensive days will be in red. Once again, prices are rough guides only found by other users in the last 15 days.

How to find the cheapest flexible flight in the entire year?

If you are highly flexible with your travel dates, you may want to know the cheapest flights possible in the entire year between two city destinations. For example - what's the cheapest flight from Riyadh to Istanbul in the whole year?. Our flight finder allows you to do this in seconds. First of all, enter your departure and arrival cities, then select our flexible dates tab, after that check the box which say 'whole year.' We will then pinpoint the cheapest date combinations to fly in seconds on our calendar in the entire year. This option is also particularly useful in uncovering potential error fares and is the quickest way to find unbelievable flight deals.

How to find the cheapest flexible flights to anywhere?

If you don't have a fixed destination in mind and are looking for inspiration on where to fly next, we recommend using our 'flexible - search everywhere' option. First, enter your departure airport, select 'search everywhere', then enter the dates you are looking to travel or look for the cheapest flights in the entire month or the entire year by checking the relevant box. Once you click search, we will list the most affordable destinations fitting your search parameters leaving from your chosen departure airport. You can also refine flights to see direct options by selecting the 'direct only' check box on our destinations list.

How to find the cheapest flight to a particular country?

To find the cheapest flight to a particular country, we recommend using the search everywhere option in our search engine. You can then select the country you are interested in visiting in the destinations list, and we will show you the cheapest cities in that country to fly to. Another alternate way of seeing the best deals to any country is by using our recent deals carousel engine. You can find this below our main search engine form. To use the recent deals engine, enter your departure airport and enter the country you are interested in visiting; you can refine flights by month or select 'anytime' to show you the cheapest deals we have ever found.

How to find the cheapest flight to a particular city?

To find the cheapest flights to any city, enter your desired destination in our search engine. After that, you choose to see the best deal in the entire year by selecting the year on our flexible dates checklist; this will give you the lowest prices ever found. Select the 'whole month' for costs in a particular month and +/- 3 days to see a few days on different sides of your chosen travel dates.

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