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Kelkoo Flights Review

Posted On 26 January 2013

Kelkoo Flights Review And Analysis | Pros & Cons Of Flight Search

Kelkoo is one of Europe’s largest shopping search engines. They are an aggregator of thousands of brands ranging from cosmetics and fashion to electronics and books. They also have a section dedicated to travel in which they offer bespoke travel meta search engines enabling users to search for Kelkoo flights, hotels, car rentals and holidays.

In this article we look in particular at their flight search offering and see its pros and cons.

We also suggest some novel ways in which users can save even more money on flights at the end of the article.

Pros and cons of Kelkoo flights

Pros of Kelkoo flights:

Good flight search.

Kelkoo has a fairly fast and comprehensive flight search. They don’t partner with a huge number of sites, however, the partners they do have are quite novel which enable their search to show flights other aggregators often miss. We have found the flight search to be particularly strong on medium to long haul routes.

Easy filtering.

Kelkoo enables users to quickly filter flights based on preferred number of stops, airlines, duration of flight and booking site. This is all achieved via sliders next to the search results. Some aggregators do not have this feature such as Travelsupermarket which opt instead to list all results available.

Browse flight deals by city, country or airline.

Kelkoo flights has a nice feature which allows you to see searches by other users by selecting a city, country or airline. This is particularly handy for browsing the cheapest flight deals if your flight dates happen to be flexible.

Cons of Kelkoo flights

Sometimes flight is not always available.

Occasionally Kelkoo flights shows a price which is not available upon click through. This is probably the biggest annoyance with Meta search engines due to the large number of sources being searched at the same time, erroneous pricing can sometimes creep through.

Budget airlines are not covered directly.

The budget airlines are covered but not directly. Most of the prices for the budget flights are found through third party sites like Cheapoair and Bravoflights. It would be more accurate if their flight search engine was to search the budget airlines directly like some other aggregator including Skyscanner and Kayak.

Occasionally questionable search partners.

Sometimes Kelkoo displays results from partners who do not enable online booking. To book with these providers users are required to phone up the company. Our experience with these sites is that they usually display a very low priced flight to act as bait then once you have phoned them up the flight does not exist. They then proceed to sell you the next available deal which sometimes can be drastically different from the listed price.

In conclusion

Kelkoo flights has some fairly positive pros but the occasional downsides too.

Our recommendation is to search Kelkoo when looking for cheap flights along with multiple other aggregators.

This will enable you to see flights which Kelkoo may have missed but may have been picked up elsewhere.

In our opinion this strategy of comparing multiple flight comparison sites is the very best method of assuring yourself the best possible deal.

In fact we have developed a search engine to facilitate this very search for you in seconds.

Just go to our flight finder, type in your details and search some of the best comparison sites today including Kelkoo, Kayak, Skyscanner, Dohop, Liligo and many more.

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