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Momondo Flights Review

Posted On 21 January 2013

Momondo Flights Review – History, Pros And Cons


Momondo flights is a travel meta search engine based in Copenhagen Denmark. It was launched in 2006 with Thorvald Stigsen as its CEO. It works by “googling” a number of travel sources for flights and returning the results to users on one single dashboard.

The site is characterised by a very quirky design and novel features. Momondo show’s a graph of fares before and after your travel dates upon searching for a flight plus they also rank flights by how convenient and cheap they are – ratings based from 1 to 10 based on these two factors.

Momondo also have extensive travel guides written by their users and interesting ways to search for trip idea’s such as searching by colours relating to mood.

They were acquired in 2011 by the Cheapflights media group (owners of the “cheapflights” brand) for an undisclosed amount. Cheapflights media has subsequently changed the name of their entire organisation to the Momondo group.

In this article we review Momondo flights and see some of their pros and cons particularly related to their flight search.

Pros and cons of Momondo Flights


Comprehensive flight search

Momondo flights offers a vast and comprehensive flight search. The search is not as fast as some other search engines but it covers all of the major sources for short haul as well as long haul flights. They boast searching over 700 sources for cheap flights and include a very handy multi city flight option which not many other aggregators do.

Flexible dates calendar

Momondo flights immediately brings up a graph of flexible dates as soon as you search for a fare on their site. The graph enables you to see at a snapshot whether there are cheaper dates before or after your chosen flight route.


Momondo “rates” flights from 1-10 based on its duration and price. The shorter the combination of duration and price the higher its score. It is a very handy function which enables you to search for a convenient flight at a reasonable price. The cheapest flights are shown by default on Momondo but you can activate this feature by selecting it on the results page.


Prices sometimes do not exist

One of the biggest problems with momondo flights is that you will sometimes see a great price and click it only to realise that the flight does not exist. This is something which affects all meta search engines due to the huge number of sources being searched simultaneously. This remains the single biggest annoyance for consumers using meta search engines. In fact, our research shows that even one incident of this occurrence can turn consumers off for good.

Flexible dates can be misleading

We have found the flexible calendar to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it can help you but at other times it is not very accurate at all. It should be noted that the graph is generated by other users who are searching for flights on those different dates via the same route. Due to this fact you will not see data for every single date on every single flight route. Nevertheless care should be taken to update the graph regularly so that outdated flight prices are quickly removed.

Can be beaten by other aggregators

We have found that Momondo flights can be beaten on price by its competitors. Skyscanner. Kayak,, Mobissimo and others have often outshined Momondo on the same flight route and on the same date. This is due to the fact that even though Momondo has developed a very powerful search engine it does not search every single travel source available. By searching many different search engines you can expand the breadth and width of your search and find the absolute best flight deal available.

In conclusion

Momondo has developed a very impressive flight search engine with some very handy features. However, as we have seen, it is not without its faults.

To combat the cons of any particular search engine we recommend searching a multitude of them when looking for the absolute best flight deals available.

In fact – this is why cheap flights finder was born. We make it easy to compare all of them. Simply fill out one form and you can easily compare the best flight comparison sites including Momondo. Skyscanner, Kayak,, Liligo, Mobissimo, Dohop and many more.

In our opinion this is the very best method of searching for the cheapest flights online.

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