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The Need for Meta-Meta Flight Search®

Posted On 22 June 2016

The need for Meta-Meta Flight Search®

It is evident that no single metasearch engine has been able to perfect the process of flight finding. This is easily ascertained with even a cursory study of current metasearch solutions. There are a number of factors which have contributed to these discrepencies. Major ones include the fact that each search engine allies with different sites plus various inaccuracies in the flight aggregating methods employed.

Some are better than others on particular routes whilst others have better filtering and search options. The best way of taking advantage of the benefits of each search engine is to employ a process of searching the search engines - a process we call meta-meta flight search® .

Meta-meta flight search® is a registered tradedmark we coined to explain the process of searching the search engines to present users with the best options for any given route. We at use detailed MetasearchAnalytics™ (analysis of the leading aggregators) to provide users with a top 10 list of search engines which are the best options for any given flight route.

Meta-meta flight search® is - in our experience - the absolute best way of finding the cheapest flights online.

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