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2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines

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How FlightsFinder finds you the cheapest train & bus tickets with the best comparison sites

How FlightsFinder finds you the cheapest train & bus tickets with the best comparison sites

FlightsFinder makes it easy to compare the best meta-search engines/ aggregators or comparison sites for cheap train and bus tickets. Enter your city destinations for either round trips or one way, and we will display a dashboard where you can compare KAYAK, momondo, Cheapflights and for the cheapest train and bus tickets for your route. The sites we search employ clever technology to collate results from many other websites to find the best possible deals - including Omio, Wanderu, Kombo and Edreams. In turn, these websites search numerous global train and bus operators like Amtrak, SNCF, Via Rail, Eurostar, Greyhound, National Express, BlaBlaCar Bus, Megabus, Flixbus, and many more to find the best low-cost train and bus tickets available.

How to find cheap train and bus tickets: Questions & Answers

What are the best train & bus comparison websites?

In our opinion, the best websites for the cheapest train and bus tickets are those known as comparison sites or meta-search engines. Metasearch engines collate the results from many different bus and train ticket sources and display them in an easy to view format for users. You can filter results by departure, arrival, duration, and price. Some of the best meta-search engines on the market include KAYAK, momondo and We search all three and more from our powerful tab based dashboard. We are the only search engine to compare multiple comparison sites/ aggregators from one user query, making us the world's first 'train and bus ticket meta-meta search engine'.

How much can I save by comparing train & bus comparison sites?

It is much more efficient to compare the comparison sites first as you can reach many more train and bus ticket sites in seconds rather than visiting many different websites individually. It is possible to save up to 10% off your ticket by using a comparison site as they will search numerous sources in seconds to tell you where the best value train and bus tickets are available. The best thing to do is search on your favourite website for train and bus tickets, then come here and do the exact search. Then book with the site that wins the comparison and delivers the best value. We are highly confident our site will match the price and possibly beat the price you have found elsewhere.

Is KAYAK's train and bus search good?

KAYAK is one of the world's biggest and best-known comparison engines. Their website and apps are available in over 60 global territories and cater to over 150 currencies. They also offer a powerful train and bus ticket comparison engine. Their search engine zips through numerous train and bus ticket proprietors, including Omio, Wanderu, Edreams and Kombo. They have excellent coverage of the USA and European train and bus tickets, and you can find KAYAK results on the first tab of our search results page. We have automatically filtered KAYAK results to show those trains departing earliest; you can change those options by selecting the filters option. 

Is Kiwi's train and bus search efficient?

Kiwi is the Czech Republics' most famous search engine. Initially launched in 2012 under Skypicker, the search engine has gone from strength to strength. They also offer a train and bus comparison engine alongside their famous flight search engine, which is known for virtual interlining (i.e. Stitching fares together from airlines which do not traditionally co-operate together). Their train and bus search engine is beneficial for European trips as this is where their coverage excels. Select their logo on our search results page to compare their train and bus ticket results.

How economical is Momondo's train and bus search?

Momondo is a Danish search engine that is currently managed under booking holdings alongside KAYAK and Cheapflights. They also offer a bus and train ticket search engine alongside their flight and hotel search engines. They search numerous global train and bus ticket brands, including Amtrak, Via Rail, Eurostar, Greyhound, National Express, BlaBlaCar Bus, Megabus, and many more, to find you the best possible options. To compare momondo's train and bus ticket results, select their logo on our search results page; we have automatically filtered momondo results to show the cheapest train and bus tickets from lowest to highest by default.

Is it safe to book trains and buses on FlightsFinder?

The critical thing to note is that FlightsFinder has no control over the displayed bus and train ticket offers. All we do is show you offers from the world's leading comparison engines. In that sense, we are like Google; we only display information in an easy to use fashion provided by third-party platforms. Rest assured, the train and bus ticket comparison engines we partner with are the most reputable and established online. If you have a problem with your train or bus booking, we recommend you contact the merchant you purchased the ticket from. Check your credit card bill to see which company charged your card and raise your query with them as we do not hold any information regarding train or bus bookings on our website.

Why can't I find trains or buses for my route?

The best coverage for trains and buses on our site are for US and European destinations. Our partners are adding new global routes every day, so make sure you come back and check if your route has been covered. We recommend you use our flight search engine to find a suitable option instead of a train or bus if not available as we search over 1200 websites for the best available deal and could save you a significant amount of money on your next trip.

What are the most popular train & bus routes on FlightsFinder?

Some of the most popular train and bus routes in the USA include:

Miami to Orlando
New York to Boston
Orlando to Miami
Boston to New York
New York to Washington
Los Angeles to Las Vegas
Las Vegas to Los Angeles
New York to Atlantic City
New York to Philadelphia
Houston to Dallas
Los Angeles to San Francisco
New York to Baltimore
Miami to Key West
New York to Buffalo
Miami to Tampa
Dallas to Houston
Miami to Naples
Orlando to Fort Lauderdale
New York to Syracuse
Los Angeles to San Diego
Los Angeles to Phoenix
Miami to Fort Myers
New York to Binghamton
New York to Allentown
Houston to Austin
Seattle to Portland
New York to Albany
New York to Ithaca
Boston to Newark
Orlando to Gainesville

How much are train tickets for popular European destinations?

Here are some popular train routes in Europe and approximate pricing. (subject to availability.)

Trains to London UK:
Trains from Manchester to London from IDR1,472,385+
Trains from Birmingham to London from IDR443,145+
Trains from Liverpool to London from IDR2,501,625+

Trains to Manchester UK:
Trains from London to Manchester from IDR1,529565+

Trains to Birmingham UK:
Trains from London to Birmingham from IDR443,145+
Trains from Leeds to Birmingham from IDR929,175+

Trains to Paris, France:
Trains from London to Paris from IDR1,458,090+
Trains from Lyon to Paris from IDR142,950+
Trains from Beauvais to Paris from IDR142,950+

Trains to Vienna, Austria:
Trains from Graz to Vienna from IDR185,835+
Trains from Budapest to Vienna (one way) from IDR142,950+

Trains to Barcelona, Spain:
Trains from Madrid to Barcelona from IDR200,130+
Trains from Zaragosa to Barcelona from IDR200,130+

Trains to Zurich, Switzerland:
Trains from Berlin to Zurich from IDR1,043,535+
Trains from Munich to Zurich from IDR743,340+
Trains from Stuttgart to Zurich from IDR743,340+

Trains to Munich, Germany:
Trains from Innsbruck to Munich from IDR400,260+
Trains from Frankfurt to Munich from IDR400,260+
Trains from Cologne to Munich from IDR486,030+

What are some other tips to save money on train & bus tickets?

Some other tips to save on your train and bus tickets include booking early; we recommend booking around 12 weeks before departure for the best savings. Another thing to search around for is flexible dates. You can save more on your ticket by travelling on slightly different dates, so play around with additional dates to see if it makes any difference. Also, try to travel at off-peak times. Generally speaking, morning and evenings are busy rush hour commute times. Finally, try searching for two one way tickets rather than a return ticket; sometimes, but not always, two single tickets can be cheaper than a round trip bundle.

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