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2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines

Save up to 20% by comparing multiple flight comparison sites using our intuitive dashboard

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Find the cheapest first-class flights by comparing the best flight comparison sites

Find the cheapest first-class flights by comparing the best flight comparison sites finds you the cheapest first-class flights on the planet by comparing the world's best flight comparison sites from one simple to use dashboard. We compare KAYAK, Skyscanner, momondo,, Cheapflights and more for the best priced first-class flight tickets. You can save up to 20% off first-class tickets by comparing the best comparison engines because different sites search various data sources, airlines, and travel agents. Enter your desired departure and arrival airports, enter your dates, hit search, and we will show you our tab based results page, which you easily click to compare the best sites side by side in seconds. Why not try it out right now.

How to find cheap first class flights: Questions & Answers

What are the world's best first-class flight search engines?

In our opinion, the best search engines to find first-class flights are meta-search engines or flight aggregators. They work by collecting information from many different airlines and travel agents and showing you the cheapest options. The best search engines for first-class flights are KAYAK, Skyscanner, momondo, Kiwi and Google flights. We search multiple Aggregators mentioned above from our easy-to-use first-class flight dashboard so you can rest assured you are getting the very best deals.

How much can you save on your first-class flight by comparing sites?

You can save potentially up to 20% off your first class flight by comparing multiple flight comparison sites. Some people mistakenly think one website always has the best first-class fares, which is not always the case. To prove the point do a simple search on our flight finder and compare different sites; you can see that sometimes prices vary drastically between them. We recommend you always compare multiple comparison sites, which you can do quickly and easily using our simple dashboard.

About KAYAK's first-class flight search?

KAYAK has excellent coverage on one-way flights from hundreds of airlines and travel agents. However, other aggregators like Skyscanner and can beat them on occasion. The best advice is to compare KAYAK alongside other aggregators side by side using our powerful flight finder.

Is Skyscanner's first-class flight search good?

Skyscanner is a global flight search engine that compares many different websites for the best first-class deals online. Once again, they are not always the cheapest so always compare their results via our website to make sure you're not missing out on anything better.

Is's first-class flight search efficient?

Kiwi is the world's first virtual interlining search engine; they unite fares from airlines that traditionally do not work together. They may find cheaper results, but the only downside is that the flights may include multiple stops or long layovers. Using our dashboard, it is always worth comparing Kiwi fares alongside other search engines.

What are the cheapest months to buy a first-class flight?

Use our flexible dates calendar searching economy flights to find cheaper dates to fly, then plug those more inexpensive dates in our first-class search engine. Another tip is that flying midweek is generally cheaper than flying on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays. Play around with different dates to see if you uncover any discounts. 

How long in advance should I book my first-class ticket?

The key here is to look and book your first class flight as early as possible, as prices rise closer to the take-off date. Another tip is looking for first-class flights during school term time, as business tends to slow down during this period. Also, avoid booking on a Friday evening or Monday morning as these are the most popular times for business people to fly, limiting seat availability.

How do I find flexible first-class flights?

In these post covid times, you may want to search for flexible first-class flights - meaning you can change or amend your booking for no extra charge. You can do this easily via our dashboard by simply selecting the filter on KAYAK, momondo or Cheapflights, which says 'no change fees'. This will show you the flights which allow changes to your itinerary for no extra cost. However, it is wise to check the overall price of a no change fee flight vs the charges for amending a regular first-class flight. Sometimes it is cheaper to book a first-class flight that is not flexible and pay the change fee rather than book a no change fee flight which may be the more expensive option.

Is Google's first-class flight search the best?

Google is definitely one of the best search engines online but does not always produce the cheapest first-class flight. The best way to use Google in our experience is to use their handy flexible calendar, which gives you a rough idea of the cheapest dates to book your first-class flight. Then, once you uncover the best times to fly, head over to our search engine and enter those dates to see if you find a more inexpensive flight by comparing multiple aggregators. Googles 'date grid' option shows prices on a calendar while their 'price graph' option shows flights on an easy to browse bar graph.

What are the benefits of booking a first-class flight?

You can enjoy several superior benefits on a first-class flight instead of a business class flight. Some of the benefits include having your own private space on board the plane; many first-class cabins offer a seat that turns into a bed and, in some instances, your own private apartment. Some airports have dedicated first-class lounges; this is more common in Asia than in the rest of the world. Finally, the food can be superior on a first-class flight; many airlines hire award-winning chefs to set the menu. These are alongside the regular perks of boarding early and getting off the plane first, easier security check-ins and welcome snacks and drinks.

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