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The World's First "Meta-Meta Flight Search®" Engine

The World's First "Meta-Meta Flight Search®" Engine is the world's FIRST and ONLY flight search engine to compare up to 10 leading metasearch engines (a.k.a flight  comparison sites) for the best deals and the cheapest flights online from one single dashboard. It is a well known fact that metasearch engines are THE most efficient at finding the cheapest flights online, however you should ALWAYS visit more than one to be sure of the best deal. By comparing multiple comparison sites you can save up to 20% off your ticket, as different sites have different prices. We call this process of comparing the flight comparison sites - "Meta-Meta Flight Search®" and in our opinion it is the quickest way of finding the lowest fares available in a matter of seconds. 

Established In 2008

Established In 2008 was established in 2008 by web developer Shahab Siddiqui. 
Shahab has been involved in the travel and technology sector for over 10 years and pioneered the concept of 'meta-meta' flight search®. Read about how he discovered it:

Since then he has been featured in numerous journals and news outlets offering expert advice on how consumers can save money on their trips. He has appeared in The Daily MailThe Telegraph, The Mirror, Tnooz, Travolution, The Huffington Post, Your Money and more. Visit our Press Room for more info.


Recommended By Numerous Publications

Recommended By Numerous Publications was established in 2008 and since then has garnered lots of positive media attention detailing how our 'meta-meta' search engine can save consumers money on their flights. Our Search Engine has been recommended and featured in The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The LA Times, Lonely Planet, The Daily Express, Business Insider and referenced in numerous blogs including Frommers and Forbes. CheapFlightsFinder saves consumers around £2million on their fares every year. That is due to each traveller making an average saving of around £300 when our meta-meta search engine is compared head to head with the UK's most popular travel agent. Try it now or Contact Us To Talk.