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2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines
2. Compare the best search engines

Save up to 20% by comparing multiple flight comparison sites using our intuitive dashboard

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How FlightsFinder finds the cheapest multi-city flights using the world's best search engines

How FlightsFinder finds the cheapest multi-city flights using the world's best search engines

Welcome to the world's first multi-city meta-meta flight search® engine. We are the first unique website to compare multiple flight aggregators (also known as meta-search engines/ flight comparison sites) for the cheapest multi-city flights from one convenient dashboard. Select up to 6 flight legs using our main search engine form, enter your dates, and we will compare the best multi-city prices from KAYAK, Skyscanner, momondo, Jetradar, and more. By comparing multiple sites on our easy to use dashboard, you can save up to 20% off your next multi-city flight ticket. Different websites search different travel sources and agents, leading to different pricing. Always compare multiple sites using our multi-city flight finder to ensure the best multi-stop flight deals.

How to find cheap multi-city flights: Questions & Answers

What are the world's best multi-city flight search engines?

The best sites to use to find the cheapest multi-city flights are those known as flights comparison sites or flight aggregators. They use clever technology which scans multiple travel agents and airline websites to find the cheapest available multi-destination flights. The best websites currently on the market are KAYAK, Skyscanner,, momondo, Google flights & Jetradar. We search multiple flight aggregators from our powerful meta-meta dashboard, ensuring the best multi-stop flights do not pass you by.

How much can I save by comparing sites for multi-city flights?

Sometimes you can find drastic price differences between the search engines due to different data sources scanned by various search engines. The best way around this is to search multiple multi-city flight search engines in seconds via our flight finder dashboard. You can save up to 20% by comparing the world's best multi-city flight search engines.

About KAYAK's multi-city flight search?

Based in the USA and part of the booking holdings conglomerate, KAYAK is one of the worlds leading meta-search engines. They have a mighty multi-city flight search engine that searches hundreds of travel agents and airlines with one single search. They also have special hacker fares where they combine itineraries from different airlines. You can compare KAYAK's multi-stop flight results on the first tab of our search results page.

What is Skyscanner's multi-city search like?

Skyscanner, part of, has developed one of the world's most comprehensive multi-city flight searches. It is essential to check Skyscanner's results alongside other search engines to ensure the very best multi-stop deals. Skyscanner zips through hundreds of websites to find the best priced multi-city flights but can sometimes be beaten on price. The best way to make sure you get the best priced multi-city flights is to use our dashboard that compares multiple flight aggregators.

Is momondo multi-city search any good?

Momondo is Denmark's premier flight search engine. They have become one of the world's most popular flight comparison sites and search hundreds of unique sites to find the cheapest multi-city flights. You can see momondo results on our tab based search results page alongside some of the world's best competing search engines. Momondo also lets you see prices based on your payment method, as sometimes airlines charge a premium if you choose credit cards instead of debit payments. You can see how this affects flight price by selecting your payment method using the filters provided; you can choose Visa debit, Visa Credit, American Express, Paypal, etc.

About JetRadar's Multi-city search engine?

JetRadar is a Thai based metasearch engine that currently has partnerships with 535 airlines and 35 travel agencies worldwide. It is always worth checking their results alongside the other search engines. You can filter results by selecting 'best tickets', showing you the best balance between convenience and price. You can also filter results by deciding whether you require baggage or not, which can affect the total flight price. You can search JetRadar results on our multiple multi-city flight search results page.

What is Kiwi's nomad search for cheap multi-city flights? has developed an interesting multi-city flight search engine called 'Nomad'. Nomad shuffles through multiple itineraries to find the best and cheapest multi-destination routes, combining flights, buses and trains. Kiwi is also famous for its virtual interlining, which combines itineraries from over 750 airlines that sometimes do not cooperate. They also provide the flexibility to rebook or cancel your booking should the need arise and offer a Kiwi guarantee where they will cover the cost of your ticket should you miss a connecting flight for whatever unforeseen reason.

When is the cheapest time to buy multi-city flights?

The strange anomaly about multi-stop flights is that you can often find cheaper multi-city itineraries than single return flights. To know when is the most reasonable time to buy these tickets, you should use a flexible search engine. Luckily we have developed a powerful, flexible date search engine at, but you have to use it to check one-way flights to get a rough idea of the cheapest dates to fly. Once you have an idea of the cheapest dates to travel on our flexible flight page, come back to our multi-city search page and search on those dates. You can potentially save even more by comparing multiple comparison sites on those dates using our intuitive dashboard.

How to find open-jaw flights using our multi-city search?

Open-jaw flights are those where you fly into one city but fly out of another. For example, an open-jaw flight would fly from New York to Seattle and return from San Francisco to New York. You can easily search for open-jaw flights on our multi-city search page by entering where you wish to go and which city you want to return from. Open-jaw flights can be cheaper than return flights from the exact location; we recommend playing around with our robust search engine to see what you can find.

Is it cheaper to buy single flights or multi-city flights?

In our experience, it is unpredictable which search will end up cheaper between buying multiple one-way tickets or searching a multi-city itinerary. Our best advice would be to use our one-way search engine to see single priced flights and then compare that with the prices you find on our multi-city flight page. Generally speaking, solo travellers can find cheap one-way flights by stitching together complex itineraries. We recommend going down the multi-city flight search route if travelling with a family.

Is Google's multi-city flight search the best?

Google flights have developed the fastest flight search engine on the planet. Results load lightning-fast, and they offer users the ability to search for multi-city routes. The downside is that Google flights can be beaten on occasion by other aggregators. For example, we searched for a multi-city flight from SFO > LON --- LON > BCN --- BCN > ROM --- ROM > SFO; the cheapest flight on Google was $1097, whilst Kiwi returned the most affordable flights at $886. The best thing to do is to use our dashboard, which allows you to compare multiple search engines in seconds.

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