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Our Story So Far...

The history of Cheap Flights Finder up to the present day

The Amazing Story of our Founder 

Shahab Siddiqui was a passionate traveller who loved to visit and explore new destinations across the globe as long as they were accessible for him and his wheelchair - however in 2008 his kidneys failed due to complication resulting from his spina bifida (a condition he was born with) and he was forced to go on a gruelling routine of hemodialysis.

Dialysis - for those who dont know - consist of long and exhausting sessions being attached to a dialysis machine for 4 hours, 3 times a week in a hospital bed to clear out the toxic blood from the body.

Shahab yearned to be able to travel more but learned that he would still need dialysis sessions abroad... for one weeks vacation abroad he would require approximately 3 sessions.

The average price for dialysis abroad he discovered was £300. So for a weeks holiday just the dialysis costs and associated blood tests would be upward of nearly £1000 - making travel way more expensive then he was used to.

Whilst dreaming of and researching his next vacation abroad, he was constantly on the lookout for the cheapest deals which he could afford (alongside his dialysis costs) - The reality of his situation forced him to be particularly frugal when searching online and over time he figured out a unique formula he could use to aid him in finding the cheapest possible flight every time... every penny saved on flights would help him get away far more easily.

The Birth of Cheap Flights Finder

Having time on his hand during his endless hours on dialysis to research multiple booking options and researching every cheap flight finding method under the sun he finally settled on a formula which he could rely on to get the cheapest possible flight every time. 

The Light Bulb Moment...

He finally had a moment of inspiration whilst searching online - "Meta-Meta Flight Search" he thought... - Meta search engines, he concluded, are clearly the best resources to locate cheap flights, however - "One should search a number of the best meta-search engines to be sure of getting the very best deal". He found you could save up to 20% off your flight by checking multiple meta search sources. Moreover, when combined with flexible search calendars and flexible destination options prices plummetted even further. 

To his dismay it took ages to complete this multi-meta research as no one had developed a site which could enable them to search the best meta-search engines and flexible calendars all from one convenient location.

This is when Shahab decided to develop his own flight search engine - He was determined to make a site which he could use to locate the cheapest flights effortlessly and enable other budget minded travellers to do the same.

With his background knowledge of web design and the help of a few freelance developers he launched the first version of the world's first meta-meta flight search - i.e the first search engine to compare multiple different flight search engines from one dashboard. - Right there all from his hospital bed.

After launching his site has been recommended by the Timesonline, the Daily Mail, Arthur Frommer from Frommers guide books, mentioned in Forbes and numerous other travel tech journals.

October 2016 relaunch with numerous new  features.

1.) New and responsive website design

2.) Flexible calendars to locate even cheaper deals around your desired departure dates.

3.) Flexible "search everywhere" option to show users the cheapest destinations to fly to out of their chosen departure airport.

4.) Up to 10 meta search engines searched including - Momondo, Skyscanner, Kayak, Google flights, Tripadvisor, Jetcost, Dohop and more...

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