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2. Compare the best flight & hotel sites
2. Compare the best flight & hotel sites
2. Compare the best flight & hotel sites

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How FlightsFinder Works

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How FlightsFinder finds you the cheapest flight and hotel vacation package in seconds

How FlightsFinder finds you the cheapest flight and hotel vacation package in seconds

Welcome to our flight and hotel package search page - we search the best meta-search engines for your vacation package deals, plus some of the biggest travel agent brands to ensure you don't miss out on anything. We search KAYAK, momondo and Cheapflights, which search multiple flight and hotel package sites. We also search Expedia directly, one of the world's leading sites in providing the best value vacation deals. Our meta-search engine partners employ clever technology as they compare multiple sites in seconds to find you the best flight and hotel combination. Tell us where and when you want to travel, and we'll return the best options to your destinations - try it out right now!

How to find cheap flight & hotel package deals: Questions & Answers

What are the best flight & hotel package search engines?

The best flight and hotel package search engines, in our opinion, are those sites known as metasearch or comparison engines. These are clever sites that let you search many different places with one single search. The best flights and hotel deals are found on KAYAK, momondo and Cheapflights. These top three sites search various sites to find the best deals, including Priceline and eDreams. We recommend other sites for great value deals for consumers from the USA, including Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and CheapTickets. We search a selection of the best meta-search engines and the best travel agent brands from our powerful dashboard directly to ensure you don't miss out on the next best deal.

How much can I save by comparing package deal comparison sites?

You could potentially save up to 20% off your flight and hotel combination by comparing multiple flight and hotel comparison sites. This is because, with one search, you can reach many more websites than if you went to one travel agent directly. Comparison sites cleverly zip through numerous websites in seconds, ensuring you get the very best deal. To ensure you are saving, you can do a separate search for a flight and hotels on our site and then compare it with the package deal bundle to see who wins. By searching on our site, we effectively search over 1200 sites to be sure the price you are getting is the very best value.

What is KAYAK's vacation package search?

KAYAK searches hundreds of sites to find you the best flight and hotel package combinations. It has a handy map feature where you can see the location of your hotel in relation to the city centre and major attractions. You also can filter results by hotel star rating, user reviews and price. You can also see which airlines fly your route and filter by your choice on the left-hand side of the results. A handy tip is to use our date grid to give you an idea of cheaper dates to fly on and then search on the cheaper dates you have discovered. You have the potential of saving even more by playing around with different dates. You can choose to search three days before and after your selected dates on our search engine to see if you can save more money on surrounding dates.

Is momondo's flight & hotel search good?

Momondo is one of the best travel sites when it comes to looking for the best flight and hotel package combination. They search over 1200 websites for the best flights and hotels. Based in Denmark they have gone on to become one of the most popular global meta-search engines online. We search momondo on the second tab of our search results page. We have automatically filtered the results from lowest price to highest price as a default on our results. Simply use the filters on the left-hand side to pick or choose any options you wish to have or leave out. You can choose multiple property types to stay at from motels and boats to apartments and hostels.

Is it safe to book a flight & hotel package on FlightsFinder?

You can rest assured that booking your flight and hotel is entirely safe through our site. We don't sell any products on our site; what we do is present to you the best flight and hotel search engines on our easy to use dashboard. In that sense, it is like Google; all we are doing is showing you the information found on other sites. We only partner with the very best comparison sites, which have been operating for many years and have established a good reputation in the market. If, however, you do have an issue with your booking, we advise you to contact the actual vendor you made the booking with and follow up with them. Simply check your credit card statement to see which company you made your booking with, as we do not save any information on our site regarding historical bookings.

What are Expedia's flight & hotels deals like?

Expedia is one of the world's most recognised travel brands. They are not a comparison site per se, but they have a massive inventory of properties and flights, which can lead to savings, especially when you bundle them together. They boast access to over 2.9 million properties, over 200,000 activities and 500 plus airlines, car rentals and cruise lines. They operate over 20 different brands under the Expedia global platform, including Travelocity, Orbitz, Cheaptickets and Ebookers. For this very reason, we have included results from Expedia on our flight and hotel results page. Select their tab once you have entered your search details and started searching on our site. You effectively search over 20 different brands when you search the Expedia global platform.

When is the cheapest time to book a flight & hotel package?

We recommend searching for your flight and hotel about two months before departure. If planning a trip in the summer months, it is worth booking your package deal early as demand is usually high in the holiday season, and you don't want to find there are no flights or accommodation left. If you are looking for inspiration on where to go, we advise you to check our destinations page, listing unique places to visit in every continent of the world. On those pages, we show you some of the best flight deals departing to those countries; check our flight and hotel pages on those dates to see if you can save even more as a bundle.

Is it cheaper to book flights and hotels separately?

In our experience, it is wise to compare different combinations by looking at flights & hotels separately and then searching together on a comparison site. We experimented by searching for flights and hotels separately from New York to London for a one week break in August then comparing that with a flight and hotel package. We found the cheapest direct flight for $547 with Jetradar and a stay at Grange hotel in St.Pauls for $246 a night. That is a total of $2269 for a 7-night flight and hotel booked separately. KAYAK found the same flight and hotel combination on their vacation package page for $2251.

As you can see the price is more or less the same. Our best advice is to search all three options on our site. First, check flight prices on our homepage, then check hotels on our hotel's page. Once you have a total, compare it with the result son our flight and hotel page and see if you can save any more money.

What are Cheapflights package deals like?

Cheapflights is another global brand operated by booking holdings. They also offer a powerful flight and hotel package search comparison engine. You can select them on our search results page on the third tab. We have automatically filtered their results to show properties with the highest rated user reviews. Cheapflights aggregates millions of user reviews on over 2 million properties to ensure you get an accurate picture of the intended property you wish to stay at. Once on their site, you can search for a particular hotel or brand using their 'hotel name' search function.

Are there any more tips to find cheaper flight and hotel combinations?

One of the most significant expenses when looking for a flight and hotel combination is the actual flight. We recommend you use our robust, flexible dates flight calendar to discover the cheapest dates to fly on, then look for your flight and hotel combination on the cheapest dates you find out. Our flexible dates tool allows you to search 'everywhere' either three days before and after your chosen dates, the entire month or even the entire year. You can also use our 'recent deals' carousel engine to give you the cheapest deals between any two given countries or even a whole continent, e.g. the USA to Europe or the USA to France. Finding the best deals on flights is the first step in getting yourself a great vacation package price.

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