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If you're looking for the cheapest flights online, you've come to the right place. Our sworn mission here at Cheap Flights Finder is to find you the cheapest flights possible with the minimum amount of fuss. Not only have we developed a unique and powerful meta-meta flight search® engine (i.e a site which compares numerous other flight comparison websites), we are one of the only sites in the world to detect cheap error fares automatically and also possess a wealth of knowledge outlining various flight tips and tricks on how to score the lowest flight prices on the planet.

Here are our Top Ten Tips for Finding Cheaper Flights Online:

1.) Always Use More than One Search Engine When Looking for Flights:

The biggest single trick to finding the cheapest flight deal online is by comparing deals from multiple flight comparison sites. You need to be aware of which search engine performs the best for which route and then make sure you search those specific engines when researching your particular destination. This is obviously quite specified knowledge as not everybody knows each search engines specific weaknesses and strengths.

Fortunately, we at Cheap Flights Finder are constantly examining the performance of each search engine on thousands of different routes and we present the best search engines in our search results based on their historical performance. It is always advisable to check a few sites as even though each site claims to search thousands of sites, including low cost airlines, there are clear discrepancies between each flight search engines results.

We recently researched a number of long haul flights from major US and UK airports to popular destinations and noticed up to 30% difference between the various search engines - for example, for a flight to New York from London - if you book through (£350) instead of Google Flights (£505) it could save you over 30%, and for a direct flight to New York from London if you search through Jetradar (£482) instead of Skyscanner (£594) you could save almost 20%.

Flights from London to New York

For more information on our summer flights 2019 comparative research click here.

In Another piece of flight research we did on the performance of 7 leading search engines we saw a big difference between the winners and the losers and concluded not one site has the best deal every single time. Massive players like Google flights had surprisingly high prices, in fact they found the cheapest flight only 18% of the time when compared head to head with the likes of Skyscanner, KAYAK, momondo, Cheapflights, Dohop and Jetcost on the same date and routes. Skyscanner won about 40% of the time, while momondo won 38% of the time and KAYAK 36%.

We always advocate searching at least 4 separate sites to get the best deal, luckily for you, we at CheapFlightsFinder have developed an easy to use dashboard which automatically selects the best search engines for your route and allows you to effortlessly compare their results side by side using our unique tab based results page. We search all the major websites including Skyscanner, KAYAK, momondo, Cheapflights, Google flights, Dohop, Jetcost, Hipmunk and Jetradar making us a truly comprehensive one stop flight shop.

It is possible to save up to 20% off your flight price by using this one canny trick and is simply the most efficient cheap flight search service online. We're proud to be featured in numerous press publications recommending our search engine as can be seen with this article on Cheap Flights Finder's founder and CEO and this piece by the respected Frommers Blog. For more press articles recommending's search engine please see here.

2.) Use Flexible Flight Date Calendars to Check for Lower Flight Prices on Different Departure and Return Dates. 

Another massive factor in shaving money off your flight price are the dates that you choose to travel. It is well known that there are cheaper months to fly and off peak and on peak seasons. It is advisable to seek out sites which have flexible flight date calendars and use them, (these are graphs or calendars showing flight prices on different dates). Lots of sites have this feature including Skyscanner, KAYAK, momondo and Google flights.

We also have this feature on Cheap Flights Finder allowing you to check the cheapest flexible date flights on surrounding days, a particular month or even the entire year. We also have a feature where you can simply leave your destination as anywhere or flexible and we will show you the cheapest flights leaving from your chosen departure airport.

The most powerful combination is to find the most optimal days to travel using a flexible flight date calendar then plug those dates into numerous flight comparison engines to see if you can reduce the price of the flight even further. is the only search engine in the world that enables this task to be done effortlessly.

3.) Use Deal Finders to Find the Best Deals and Sign up to Newsletters to Keep Informed

Lots of self confessed deal finders have popped up in recent months claiming to discover the best flight deals online then sending you those deals in the form of a newsletter. However - these sites often charge a premium for finding deals which in reality are not that hard to find. For example Google flights has a handy "explore" function which allows you to see the best deals leaving from your airport in the next 6 months. Nevertheless, if you are a novice when it comes to flight search or simply don't have the time to research these routes it can be a good option to sign up to the free newsletter and just have those deals stream into your mail box.

We here at Cheap Flights Finder have also developed a handy deals search engine located at the top of every search page. Our deals search engine delivers highly targeted deals to you by automatically detecting your closest airport and then displaying you the best deals found in the last 15 days. You can search for deals by country or continent and also specify which month you would like to travel in. We also have a deals newsletter to notify you of the best deals when they turn up, simply sign up on our homepage. Rest assured that, unlike others, we never charge for our deals newsletter regardless if it is a general or super hot deal being promoted.

4.) Always Book Your Ticket with a Trusted Supplier

Always make sure the flight you eventually purchase is booked through a reputable travel agent. Many flight comparison sites do not take the booking themselves but direct you to a third party travel agent to complete your booking. Sometimes those sites are not very well known and may not imbue much confidence in the purchaser to actually book the flight.

The best advice is always to check the reviews about the company in question before you complete the transaction. For example a flight from London to New York in May searched for on garnished the following results - KAYAK showed their cheapest flight for £311 from Expedia whilst Skyscanner showed a price of £236 with a company called WeDoFlights.

Even though the Skyscanner option is cheaper it may be more risky booking a flight through a less well known company - again the advice would be to check independent reviews of WeDoFlights lest you run into problems like the folks in this article. The beauty with our search is that you can quickly compare multiple search engines and book the ideal flight for you with a provider you trust at the best price by quickly scanning the available options on each different comparison site.

5.) Check Nearby Arrival and Departure Airports

Always check flights to different airports close to your destination or different departure airports to see if you can obtain cheaper flights. For Example if flying into London (United Kingdom) always check Gatwick, Luton, Stansted and City airport alongside London Heathrow. Luckily you can do this fairly easily on our site by selecting "London All Airports" as your destination. 

If you have the time you could search for destinations slightly further away from your original intended destination and then take a road trip to where you need to go, for example if you need a cheap flight from San Francisco to Brussels you might be able to find a significantly cheaper flight flying into Paris. You can then take a short road trip from Paris to Brussels and take in the sights of two separate cities in the process. It all comes down to whether you have the time or can bear the effort of adding the extra journey time onto your trip in exchange for potential savings.

6.) Begin Your Search Early  

Some people are of the opinion that it is good to wait until the last minute to book your flights as the airline will drop prices to fill the remaining seats on the aircraft. Our research has shown the contrary, not only is it more advisable to book your flight early it also eliminates the possibility of seats being sold out and finding yourself without a flight.
The average optimum time to book flights is around 54 days before departure or in other words around 2 months. To be more precise here are some example times to book flights for various routes from North America and the UK based on historical data:
Los Angeles to Rome, cheapest month to fly: February, best time to begin search 58 days before departure.
San Francisco to Barcelonacheapest month to fly: March, best time to begin search 52 days before departure.
Miami to Madridcheapest month to fly: February, best time to begin search 57 days before departure.
London to Las Vegascheapest month to fly: February, best time to begin search 51 days before departure.
Manchester to New Yorkcheapest month to fly: February, best time to begin search 54 days before departure.
Birmingham to Miamicheapest month to fly: September, best time to begin search 59 days before departure.

7.) Book Your Flight and Other Needs Together

If you need more than a flight for your trip, i.e A hotel and car rental - the best thing to do would be look for a package deal. Some agents give discounts on the flight when everything is booked as a bundle all together. Some agents worth checking out are Expedia, Opodo and Bear in mind that sometimes it can be cheaper booking separately too, so the best advice would be to check the flight, hotel and car hire comparison sites separately and then check the agents mentioned above to see if you can beat their combined price.

As always Cheap Flights Finder enables you to do all of the above searches on our platform easily - we not only have separate search engines for flight, hotels and car hire but also have a flight and hotel package deal page so you can compare all sites quickly and effortlessly.

8.) Clear out Your Cookies When Searching Online

There is a common idea floating around that cheap flight websites use cookies (i.e bits of electronic information about you that remember your preferences/ searches etc) to track your behaviour and push up the flight prices they know you are interested in.

We have done some independent research on this and have to say we found no evidence of this being the case, especially on flight comparison sites. However if you are using other than flight comparison sites and want to take this possibility out of the equation simply browse the web in incognito mode. This will give you the peace of mind that your searches cannot be tracked and hacked.

9.) Sign up for fare alerts

If you are looking for a flight and find that prices are just extortionate you can sign up for a fare alert. This is a service provided by most comparison engines which, when you sign up, will notify you of cheaper flights appearing on the route you have been searching for. So instead of having to keep an eye out for price falls, you will get notified in your inbox when the flight becomes more affordable. Skyscanner, KAYAK and momondo all have this feature which you can sign up to on our search results page when browsing their respective sites.

10.) Ask the Airline or Agent to Match or Beat Your Price 

Have a favourite travel agency or airline (you have frequent flyer miles with), and like booking through them? Then why not ask the if they can beat the flight you have found online. Many agents and airlines have a price match guarantee such as Delta AirlinesOpodo and Meaning if you have found a cheaper flight or package online and you can prove it simply show them the evidence and they will match if not beat it. Seeing as we are one of the cheapest search engines around simply do a search on our site and then show them the cheapest flight or package deal you can find and ask them to match it, that way not only are you able to still book through your favourite agent or airline, you also get a fantastic price on your flight and hotels.

The Top Ten Cheap Flight Websites We Search on our Meta-Meta Flight Search® Platform:

1.) Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the worlds leading flight search engines. Founded in 2001, they are now available in over 30 languages and accommodate over 60 million searches per month. They actually power all of our flexible flight calendars and are one of our most prominent partners. 

Pros: Comprehensive flight search, especially on short haul flights. Powerful flexible date calendars to see cheaper days to fly. 

Cons: Can be beaten on price by other aggregators. Sometimes questionable third party partners directed to for completing bookings. Flexible calendars may not be as complete on less popular routes.

Conclusion: Always search Skyscanner is addition to other search engines via to get the best deal. Read our in depth review of Skyscanner here.

2.) CheapFlights

Cheapflights is another of the most popular flight search engines around. Founded in 1996 by John Hatt they began by publishing flight deals but soon evolved into a pure metasearch engine. They now operate in multiple geographic territories and were acquired by Booking holdings in 2017.

Pros: Fast comprehensive flight search, especially for long haul. Price indicators to tell you if it is a good time to buy or not. Flights are sorted by "best flights" first.

Cons: Can be beaten on price on occasion by other aggregators. Sometimes the price listed is not available. 

Conclusion: Always search Cheapflights is addition to other search engines via to get the best deal. Read our in depth review of Cheapflights here.


KAYAK is another major metasearch engine founded in the USA in 2004 by Steve Hafner and Paul English. Now operating in over 18 territories it was acquired by the Priceline Group (Now Booking Holdings) in 2013. KAYAK's CEO was previously a founder of the Orbitz travel brand. Even though KAYAK and Cheapflights are part of the same brand we have noticed differences in their flight results on occasion.

Pros: Fast, Comprehensive search. Price indicators to tell you whether to buy or not. Explore map tool showing possible trip ideas on a map based on flexibility and budget.

Cons: Can be beaten on occasion by other comparison engines. Slow loading of results compared to some aggregators - namely Google flights. Listed price may not always be available.

Conclusion: Always search KAYAK in addition to other search engines via to get the best deal. See independent reviews of KAYAK here.

4.) momondo

Momondo was developed and launched in Denmark in 2006 by Thorvald Stigsen. It offered a powerful metasearch engine and rapidly grew its presence in numerous geographic territiories. It was first acquired by the Cheapflights brand then eventually both Cheapflights and momondo were acquired by Booking Holdings. 

Pros: Fast, comprehensive search, especially good for long haul flights. Neat calendars showing cheaper days to fly on your route. Easy sorting of flight by "best flights" first.

Cons: Not as comprehensive as it once was after its acquisition by Booking holdings and merging with KAYAK. Price calendars are not always accurate. Can be beaten by other aggregators on occasion.

Conclusion: Always search momondo is addition to other search engines via to get the best deal. Read our in depth review of momondo here.

5.) Dohop

Dohop is probably not as well known as the other sites mentioned here but it performs surprisingly well when compared head to head with other aggregators. Founded in Iceland in 2004 it is available in multiple languages and has won the award of being "The Worlds Leading Flight Comparison Website" at the World Travel Awards on numerous occasions.

Pros: Excellent and comprehensive flight search. Has technology that sees if combining two one way tickets is cheaper than a return ticket.

Cons: Can be beaten by other aggregators on price. Sometimes the listed price is not available.

Conclusion: Always search Dohop in addition to other search engines via to get the best deal. See independent reviews of Dohop here.

6.) Google flights

Google flights entered the world of flight metasearch in 2011 after acquiring ITA software for $700 million. People were worried that they would drown out the competition as Google Flights would automatically show up first in the Google search results. However over time it has been seen that there are both pros and cons to the Google flight search engine and healthy competition still remains.

Pros: Simply the fastest search engine on the planet, results load lightning fast. Comprehensive flexible date flight calendars. easy to use interface.

Cons: Generally only searches airlines and not OTA's (Online travel agents). Can be beaten regularly on price by the other comparison engines. Very rarely has the cheapest flight available especially on long haul to medium haul flights.

Conclusion: Always search Google flights alongside other search engines via CheapFlightsFinder to get the best price. See our history of Google Flights here.

7.) Jetcost

Jetcost is a French based meta search engine launched in the year 2006. They now operate in over 30 territories and were acquired by Group in 2013.

Pros: Can sometimes find the cheapest flight online, beating all other aggregators. Includes companies other search engines don't include.

Cons: Third party agents may not be well known/ have less than reputable reviews. Search engine is slow and bulky in comparison to others.

Conclusion: Its always worth checking Jetcost on our search results page alongside the other search engines, you can get lucky with a great deal on occasion.

8.) Jetradar

Jetradar started off life as in Russia and eventually grew into a multi-geographic search engine operating in dozens of different territories. It is currently headquartered in Thailand with additional offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Pros: Fairly fast and clean search engine results. Has partnerships other search engines don't have. Can beat all other aggregators on occasion.

Cons: Can be beaten on price. Sometimes flight listed cannot be booked due to unavailability. Partners with companies that are sometimes not that well known.

Conclusion: It is always worth checking Jetradar results just in case they have found a gem of a flight. Do this easily by simply selecting their tab on our search results page and comparing their offers.

9.) Hipmunk

Hipmunk was founded in 2010 by Adam Goldstein and Steve Huffman (Who also co-founded reddit). They built their site with a unique approach to finding airfare - sorting results by agony. They used a Gantt chart format to display results so users could see at a glance the shortest and longest flights.

Pros: Easy to see which flights are the least agonising. Comprehensive flight search. 

Cons: Results can seem a bit cluttered at times. Does not always locate the best deal. 

Conclusion: Its worth checking Hipmunk, especially for long haul flights on our search results page. Just select the Hipmunk tab on our dashboard to see their results. Or visit Hipmunk directly here.

10.) is a Czech based online travel agency. They used to be known as Skypicker and gained fame by promoting 'virtual interlining' - i.e Combining fares from non-cooperating airlines. They also introduced a Kiwi guarantee which means they will cover your expenses in case of flight delays, cancellations or schedule changes.

Pros: Particularly strong for combining different low cost airlines in one itinerary. Produces very good results for multi city searches. Has a good customer service helpline. Map based website shows other cheap flight options easily.

Cons: Not always the cheapest flight on the web. Can be somewhat risky booking flights with non-cooperating airlines in the event that there is a problem. Not as comprehensive as some of the other meta search engines listed here. 

In Conclusion: It would be a good idea to bookmark this page to refer to in the future as it contains some invaluable advice on how to get the cheapest flights online. Be sure to utilize our amazing meta-meta search engine® which enables you to compare all of the sites mentioned above with ease, and as always, contact us to talk, we love hearing from our customers.

Happy Flying! - "Flight Search Begins Here"