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How do you find really cheap hotel deals at the last minute? Its simple - search all of the best hotel deal websites and compare prices from each. There can be great discrepancies in price between different sites so to be sure of the best deal you really should be comparing more than one site.

How can we help? 

Our hotel search has hand selected the best sites on the web which offer great value hotels at the best price even at the last minute. Our unique dashboard allows you to search multiple sites from one convenient location saving you the hassle of entering in the same hotel requirements at different sites over and over again.

Some of the sites our search engine scans include:'s last minute hotel deal search - is without doubt one of the biggest hotel booking sites with a huge inventory of hotels. Owned by the Priceline group they list prices for over 800,000 last-minute properties. One of the biggest benefits of checking are the hotel reviews which are written by verified members after actually staying at the hotel. They have nearly 70,000,000 verified reviews which makes it an excellent source of finding out about the actual state of a hotel before booking your stay there. hotel deal search - We also search Expedia's hotel inventory so you can quickly check whether or not they have a cheaper last minute deal available. Once again they have a huge number of verified user reviews which makes it an invaluable resource of checking the reality of a hotel before booking there. They also have a great customer satisfaction rating so you can be sure your getting great customer service when you book you hotel through their site.

Ebookers hotels search - We also search Ebookers - one of the UK's most popular hotel booking websites. They also have 1000's of verified hotel reviews so you can double check the state of the hotel before actually booking. Ebookers is a well established brand which promises great customer service. - last minute hotels - markets itself as the obvious choice when it comes to booking hotels. Once again they have a huge inventory of properties listed and can be accessed on our results page by simply clicking the link labeled Verified user reviews and detailed property photos make this an invaluable resource to check before booking.

Jetsetter - hotel search - Jetsetter is the new kid on the block when it comes to finding hotel deals. Their USP is that they have a dedicated team of travellers who vet each property and give it a personalised rating. The downside with this search is that the inventory of hotels is not as comprehensive as some other sites and you may find that not many properties are listed at your destination of choice. The good news however is that their list is constantly growing and well worth checking to see if any great properties are available.

Hotwire - Secret discount hotel deals - Hotwire is a worthy discount site that has a unique relationship with many hotels. The hotels list unsold rooms on Hotwire for a deep discount which would otherwise remain unbooked. The proviso is that the hotel name is not revealed until the booking has been completed. So if you are in the mood for a bit of a gamble with your hotel at a deeply discounted rate this site is well worth checking out.

Hotelscombined Last minute hotel search - Hotelscombined is a powerful metasearch engine which compares hundreds of sites simultaneously. They also offer a guaranteed lowest price rate so you can be sure of finding a great last minute hotel deal. 

Tripadvisor - hotel deals - Tripadvisor is probably the largest review site on the planet with many people checking this site before any other when it comes to hotel booking. However, the biggest problem with Tripadvisor is the fact that anyone can post a review whether thay have actually stayed at the property under review or not. The site has come under fire for this problem and many properties are not happy with the fact that their properties can be prone to competitors posting unfair or negative reviews. In our opinion the best feature on Tripadvisor are the thousands of candid traveller photos on the site taken by regular folk which give a pretty good indication of the state of any particular property. For this reason we definitely advise taking a look at Tripadvisor too before diving in and making a hotel booking. Simply access Tripadvisor by clicking the Tripadvisor link on our search results page.

In Conclusion - 

Our hotel search has been carefully crafted to give you access to the best sites which offer great value hotels with verified user reviews from one convenient location - we have taken into consideration - Price, Reviews and availability to make sure you can browse and book the perfect hotel for your trip. So what are you waiting for? Find the perfect hotel for your stay using our powerful search engine!

Happy Searching!

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