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About Our Revolutionary Flexible Dates Flight Search is the only site on the internet to easily compare flexible flight dates from the best flight comparison sites and travel agents by filling out 1 single form.

Our revolutionary search enables you to enter a specific date of travel then search for flights on the surrounding days, months and entire year, giving users the largest selection of flexible flight date quotes available.

All you have to do is enter your details in the form below then select flights for various degrees of flexibility by clicking on month or year searches.

Whole Month Search: This option will locate the cheapest day to fly in your chosen months by taking you directly to the cheapest available price in the whole month on our calendar - from there you can browse different dates if you wish then we take you to our flight dashboard where you can then compare all the leading metasearch players.

Whole Year Search: The whole year option simply finds the absolute cheapest price found on your route in the entire upcoming year. This search is great for those with extemely flexible flying options and can save the largest amount of  money

Flexible? Search Everywhere: If you dont have a destination in mind this is a great option to find the cheapest available flights departing from your chosen airport. Simply select Flexible? Search Everywhere in the drop down list in the 'going to' Field to see amazing deals.

Here are sites we compare after you have chosen your flexible flight dates:

Skyscanner -

Skyscanner Flexible Dates

Screenshot of Skyscanner's flexible dates search results

We actually use Skyscanner API to power our flexible flight date calendar - The data is cached and stored if a user has searched that route before - So you may find that more obscure routes have less flexible flght data than the more well travelled route. Nevetheless it is a great tool to estimate cheaper days to fly in the month

You can view Skyscanner results directly on our site or if you wish go directly to theirs. On their site you can find their yearly graph which gives a quick overview of the cheapest month to fly in.

The graphs are populated with data collected by other users of the site. As a result you may find that particular routes have more flight price data than others.

Kayak - Flexible Fares 

We search Kayaks offers directly from our search results dashboard, however if you wish to visit Kayak directly we recommend using Kayak's explore tool. This map tool gives you a valuable snapshot of the best flight prices found by other Kayak users over the past 48 hours.

The function allows you to filter results by any month you desire and effectively gives you an overview of fares for the entire year.

The fares are not guaranteed however and a search upon clicking an explore price will confirm whether a particular flight is available or not.

Momondo - Price Calendar  

momondo flexi dates

Screenshot of Momondo's flexible dates search results

Momondo searches over 600 sources to find the cheapest available prices. Their search engine is highly efficient and often finds the best deal.

They have a handy 'Price Calendar' which shows best prices found by other users of their site.

Simply click the momondo link on our search results page to see their offers including their flexible price calendar. - Flexible Flight search is one of the UK's leading travel agents offering numerous discount and 'secret' offers to many of the worlds most popular destinations.

Their flexible flights search allows users to see a matrix of prices for up to three days before and after your chosen departure dates.

Results are shown according to availability taken from a live search of their huge database of flights.

To view's offers simply click on their link after making a search on our flexible date search function at the top of the page.

Tripadvisor - Flexible Flight search

Tripadvisor recently launched their meta search engine for flights scanning hundreds of different sites for the cheapest flights.Their flexible fare search allows you to see the fares found by other users over the past 24 hours.

The results show the cheapest flights in the month based on an itinerary of 10 days travel and shows the final price including all applicable taxes and fees.

Simply make a search then click on the Tripadvisor link to take a look.

Opodo - Flexible Flight search

Opodo also offers a wide variety of offers from numerous airlines often displaying rock bottom fares not found anywhere else.Their flexible flight search functionality allows users to see prices a day before and after your chosen travel dates.

It doesn't show as much flexibility as some of the other providers we search but can sometimes offer cheaper deals than the rest.

all you have to do to view their flexible flight offers is make a search on the form at the top of this page and click on their link.

To Summarise: has the most powerful flexible dates search tool on the internet. Rather than having to go to each of the sites above and monotously enter your details over and over again you can come to this site and see prices from every single site displayed above in a matter of seconds.

Furthermore, you can easily select what degree of flexibilty you have by selecting surrounding days, months or even checking the entire year.

So next time you want to travel on flexible dates make your first choice.

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