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Hire a flight expert with FlightsFinder

06 May 2024

Are you struggling to find a cheaper flight for you desired trip?

Not sure whether your price is a good one or not?

Fed up of trawling through the hundreds of sites out there trying to score a great deal?

Then hiring a real-life human flight expert could be just the solution for you.

Hiring an expert in flight finding can save you potentially hundreds of dollars on your next flight plus save you lots of time and stress. They can suggest routes and tactics that could lower your flight price substantially on your next trip.

What is a flight expert and why should you hire one?

A flight expert is well versed in how to save consumers money by employing various tactics which may be unknown to the general public. FlightsFinder’s experts routinely beat the best price consumers can find by employing a number of techniques and strategies. Once the customer has clarified what type of trip they are looking for and provided evidence for the best price they have found so far our experts will get to work.

Flight expert

They use the following methods to lower your price:

  1. Check multiple (reliable) travel websites to check pricing, including little known sites which consumers may be unaware of.
  2. Check alternate dates of travel using multiple up-to-date sources once the degree of flexibility has been confirmed with the customer.
  3. Check alternate airports for departure and arrival, once confirmed with customer if they are willing to use alternate airports within a particular radius from their desired departure / arrival points.
  4. Check layover options which can cut down the overall trip price once cleared by customer if this an option they are willing to explore.
  5. Check reward seats to maximise savings using your frequent flyer miles to score discounted flights.
  6. Offer cashback on certain routes by splitting the commission the agent receives with the customer post booking.
  7. Check if any hidden city tickets exist en-route provided the client is traveling lightly and feels comfortable exploring this option

Lots of people maybe unaware of the tactics above and how to search optimally so it is beneficial to be able to speak to someone who has the inside knowledge to get you a better deal.

What qualifications or expertise does someone need to become a flight expert?

The travel experts on are usually travel agents who have years of industry experience and are experts at finding great deals.  Even so, all experts are rigorously tested before they are activated on the FlightsFinder platform. We give all experts multiple trial test runs to see if they can beat a customers price sufficiently and in a manner where the customer is entirely happy. Only once they demonstrate that they can at least beat the price by more than the service fee of the client they are then available to hire as an expert.

People studying

What are the benefits of hiring a Flight expert?

Having a flight expert in your corner can have multiple benefits. 

  • a.) Can find you potentially lower prices. As this is something that they do day in and day out as a vocation it is likely that they will have some secrets you may not have heard about to lower your price.
  • b.) Save you the headache. Anybody who know what it is like to try and find and book the best price for a flight knows the headache involved. It can take hours to sift through the myriad of options to locate the ideal trip. With a flight expert all of this stress is outsourced.
  • c.) Have someone to answer your queries. It is comforting to know you can ask questions to a real life human who is in your corner fighting to find the best deal for you. In a world where you have to deal more often than not with cold AI systems it makes a refreshing change to be able to communicate your concerns with a real-life human being.


How do you hire an expert?

You can hire a FlightsFinder expert by clicking the expert help icon in the bottom right corner of this page. You have to fill out a simple form with your travel details then pay a small fee upfront to your expert for him/her to get started working on your case. Your expert will also ask for a screenshot of the best price you have found so far so that they can verify that that is actual price in existence and have a bench mark of what price they are trying to beat.

Hire an expert
The price varies depending on the complexity of the trip but on average it is around $30 per query. 

Why do you have to pay them first?

FlightsFinder experts need to be incentivised to hunt down the best price for you. Once we have received your payment we hold it until the expert has solved your query satisfactorily. Once you are happy with the outcome the expert then keeps his fee. If for some reason the expert is unable to find you a better deal you get your money back in full.

Who is this service for?

This service can be accessed by anyone but primarily will be used by less tech savvy customers who need extra assistance when it comes to flight booking and flight finding. It can be quite confusing and overwhelming trying to make sure you are not leaving money on the table especially in a time when travel is becoming increasingly expensive. 

  • Not very tech savvy travelers
  • Elderly travelers or senior tourists
  • Travelers with very flexible itineraries
  • People who just dont have the time to search very much
  • Multi city travelers
  • Long-haul travelers




Many people only take a flight vacation once or twice a year and it can be one of the biggest costs they will have to undertake, so it becomes very helpful if they are able to access an expert to help them save some hard earned cash on an already big spend.

Which type of flight routes does the service work best for?

It is less likely that a flight expert can find you a better deal on a very rigid completely fixed date, direct flight on one particular airline.

The service works best for those who have some degree of flexibility in their plans and don’t mind exploring different travel options.

Our service is also particularly helpful for multi-city routes. We routinely find better prices for customers who have more than 2 stops on their desired journey.

What are some customer success case stories?

Here are some real life case stories where we have saved customers substantial money.

Case 1.

Michael is an English teacher who needed to fly from Atlanta to New Zealand, then Canada then back to Atlanta.

He tried using our flight search engine first which enabled him to compare multiple search engines but due to the complex nature of the trip he thought he would try hiring an expert to help him out.

Our expert Jennifer was assigned to his case so she first enquired about his trip and asked him for the best price he had found so far. Michael sent over a screenshot of the trip which was coming to a total of $5960.

After some extensive research Jennifer found Michael the same trip on an alternate website for $4948 - saving Michael a whopping $1012. Michael, needless to say, was delighted with the savings he was able to make though Jennifers help and assistance.

english teacher saves big

Case 2.

James needed to fly from Sydney in Australia to Lanzarote in Spain to visit his brother who had recently moved there. 

The flight prices were extortionate and James was struggling to get a good deal so he reached out to a flight expert for some help.

Once the flight expert was made aware of the best price James had found he set about trying to get him a better deal. 

After extensive research his expert came back with a suggestion. Why not fly into Rome first then after a full day layover fly into Lanzarote. This solution delighted James as he was not only able to save around $300 on his flight but was also able to visit the colosseum in Rome, a lifelong dream of his.

Happy man at Colosseum

Case 3.

Maria needed to fly from Bogota, Colombia to San Antonio, then onto Barcelona in Spain then back to Bogota. 

She hired an expert to beat her best price of $1877.

After extensive research the expert suggested departing on the second leg of the flight from Austin instead of San Antonio (a roughly one hour journey by car) and saved her over $300. The final price came in at $1505.

Maria was delighted as the flights were perfect for her departure time schedule and she was happy with the airlines the expert had suggested for her to fly on.

Happy woman flying

What guarantees do I have with the service?

The expert will try his/her best to get you a better deal, however if they cannot, you get your money back guaranteed.

There is no guarantee that the expert can find you a better deal but they will certainly try their best and use all the tips and tricks at their disposal.

Your service fee however is safe, and is only released to the expert once you are satisfied with the outcome of your request.

What are the negatives for this service?

There are a few risks with this service which we must elucidate for you.

Flight delays

  1. Even though our expert will try to find you a better deal there may be a situation where it is not possible. In the meantime the prices you originally found may have risen while you were dealing with the expert. This is a risk you must be willing to accept once you engage with an expert, as we cannot be held accountable for any price rises while we are searching for you.
  2. Even though we search for all our deals on reputable search engines we urge customers to use third party reviews to assess the agent they finally purchase from. We cannot be held accountable for any problems you have with the vendor post-purchase.
  3. Due to time differences between you and your expert it can take up to 24 hours for you to receive a response. If you are in a rush then it is probably best to forgo this service and search directly on our search engine which will give you a good idea of the best prices available.

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