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Best Travel Blogger Interviews: Spotlight on Alyssa Ramos

04 February 2021

Alyssa Ramos has an interesting story to tell: She went from being broke to becoming a successful travel blogger who now travels full time and has visited over 100 countries. In our 'Best Travel Blogger' interview series we ask her how she realized her dreams and what we can learn from her travels around the globe. She runs the website mylifesamovie full time, has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and is passionate about discovering new experiences. Through her blog, she advises people with her creative writing and photography and aims to inspire everyone to achieve their travel dreams all over the globe.

Alyssa Bunjee jumping over Victoria Falls in Zambia.

What Motivated You To Leave Home And Travel The World?

It was a bit more complicated than that, I actually left home in Florida to visit Los Angeles for a weekend, and never returned home. I found LA to be a whole new world of possibilities and found people who shared my mindset of not settling down at a young age. I was in the Hollywood scene for years, and eventually, it became redundant. I felt like I needed to do something more meaningful with my life, and I had never really traveled. So at 25, I booked a solo trip to volunteer in South Africa, then go to Thailand, and Australia. It changed my life so much that I have been traveling full time ever since, for the last 8 years!

Alyssa's travels have broadened her horizons.

Why Should People Travel? What Are The Benefits?

This will sound cliché, but travel is the best form of education and way of personal growth that you will ever get in your life. Travel makes you more open-minded and less selfish. It teaches you that there are so many good people, and we are all more alike than it seems. It eradicates stereotypes and racism. It makes you smarter, stronger, and happier!

Icelandic Waterfalls.

What Are Your Top 5 Favourite Destinations And Why?

I've been to 107 countries so this is a very hard question for me! I love nature and adventures so places like Iceland and New Zealand usually top my list. But I'm also in love with Polynesian culture, so Samoa Islands or French Polynesia as well. I'm a huge fan of Japan, especially for solo female travelers! And of course, I consider Indonesia a second or third home, so I'll add that as well!

The Benefits of Travelling for your heart and soul.

How Has Travel Affected Your Personality And Outlook On Life?

Travel has 100% made me a happier, kinder, and wiser person. I am now much more positive, accepting, and generous as well. Travel has given me a purpose in life rather than just an acceptance of existence. 

Responsible Travel.

What Responsibility Do We Have On Our Travels?

Always be sustainable, always support the locals, always be kind, considerate, and vigilant.

Alyssa in the Namib desert of Namibia.

Which Destination Surprised You The Most, I.E Exceeded Expectations

India, Morocco, and Egypt. Those were three destinations where all I had heard were negative stereotypes and even I was convinced I would get kidnapped or molested. While I absolutely love the culture and beauty of India and thought for the most part everyone was very kind to me, I do have to admit that it's the only place in the world I have been touched inappropriately by strangers, and I say that in hopes those men will realize that they are the ones who create the bad stereotypes. I was terrified to go to Morocco solo because everyone told me I was going to get kidnapped. When I went, I was blown away by the kindness of strangers and my hosts, I've even gone back there! Same with Egypt, I went at a time when no one was going there because of negative stereotypes, but everyone seemed to go out of their way to be kind to me.

Safety Tips for Female Travellers.

What Are Your Top Safety Tips For Travelling? 

Always be fully prepared - have your flight info, address of the accommodation, list of emergency numbers, even address of a hospital close to your hotel. Research safety concerns preferably on blogs of people who have been to the destination since the government sites tend to scare people. Enroll in STEP (Smart Travelers Enrollment Program). Don't drink alone at night. If you feel threatened, pretend to be talking loudly on a phone to "someone you are about to meet up with". Read my blog (hehe).

Budgeting your travel plans.

What Tips Can You Give People Who Want To Fund A Lifestyle Like Yours?

Consider how much you spend at home before assuming travel is more expensive. I spend drastically less money traveling and living abroad than I did anytime I lived in the U.S. Understand that budget travel is a real thing and a lot of people do it. Use credit cards to earn points to help pay for those expensive flights. Find ways to work remotely - I have TONS of posts about this on my website.

Favourite travel booking sites.

What Are Your Favourite Travel Brands You Regularly Use?

Well, I just now heard about so I'll definitely be checking it out! But usually, I use Skyscanner for flights, and for hotels since they give you a free night for every 10 nights, or because I've booked so many hotels that I get great discounts now. I use Airbnb for long stays only, otherwise, their fees are not worth it.

The Future of Global Travel.

Do You Think Peoples Travel Attitudes Will Change After This Pandemic?

There are two types of people right now; those who are terrified to travel and those who are dying to. I've taken several flights this year and they are always full. People want to travel. And for the most part, they are being respectful of the safety measures in place. There's definitely going to be a level of fear to travel. But I think with more and more people (like me) showing how it can be done safely, it will start to pick up again.

Alyssa under the Northern Lights.


You can follow Alyssa's future travels on her website MyLifesAMovie and her social media channels here:  Instagram | Twitter | Youtube 

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