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Flexible Flight Dates Save Big Money

Posted On 03 January 2016

Flexible Flights – Save Big Money by Searching on Different Dates

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It is fairly well known that the best way to save money is by searching for flexible flights on flexible dates. Air fare prices can vary drastically from one day to the next so by searching on surrounding dates there is a high chance you could land yourself a great flight deal.

We show you some examples of how such flexible prices can vary and then present the best sources of acquiring flexible flight deals.

Examples of how prices can vary if you select the flexible flights option

We tested 2 flight routes – one departing from the UK and one departing from the USA. Our simple demonstration aims to show how you could save lots of money if you search for the same route on surrounding dates.

We used our unique meta-meta flight search to extract results comparing different search engine prices on multiple different days.

Here are our results:

Flight 1

Departing from London to New York for a summer vacation leaving on the 16th of August and returning on the 28th of August 2016.

We then compared that with surrounding dates to see how much we could shave off the price.

Results –

Fixed date =£568
flying with Iceland Air from the 16th to the 28th August 2016

Flexible flights =£448
flying with Swiss air and Canada 17th to the 27th August 2016

We can see with the above example that if you searched for flights a day after and arriving a day earlier you can save £120.

That is a total saving of £480 if you were booking flights for a family of four…

Flight 2

Departing from New York to Rio de Janeiro leaving on the 30th of January and returning on the 4th of February 2016.


Fixed date = $1280
flying from the 30th January to the 4th of February 2016

Flexible flights = $889
flying from the 29th of January and returning on the 5th of February 2016

Once again you can see with this example that if you were to leave a day earlier and return one day later you could make a massive saving of $291.

This would amount to a total saving of $1,164 for a family of four…

The question you may be asking yourself after seeing this demonstration is how we went about finding these flexible flights?

Well, to be able to find these amazing flight deals you need to know the best tools to use. With that in mind we now present to you the best flight search engines with the most powerful flexible date flight search options.

Best Sites for Flexible Flights


Skyscanner allows you to browse flight deals to worldwide destinations found by other users of the site. You can choose to search by the month or the cheapest flight in the entire year. The only downside is that flights are only available if a user has searched for that route before. They are very good at showing surrounding dates with an easy to understand and select flight graph.


Kayak’s explore tool shows you cheap flights found by other users in the last 48 hours. It is a good place to browse flight ideas and surrounding dates. The down side is that they only display prices found by other people and don’t have a comprehensive database to draw upon. Also on occasion the flight price may have changed due to rapidly changing airfare pricing.


The Momondo search engine shows a handy graph as soon as you search for a flight. This makes it easy to see flights before or after your chosen flight dates. It can sometimes be inaccurate as once again the graph is user generated.

Google flights

Google flights (currently only serving US and Canada departures), is probably one of the most powerful flexible date flight finders online. It instantly shows you pricing on dates before and after your flight upon pressing the graph button. The only down side is that Google prices can often times be beaten by another aggregator. We would suggest using their flexible flight option to locate good times to fly then proceed to search for flights on those exact same dates via multiple different flight aggregators. (one of the UK’s largest online travel agencies) has a handy flexible flights search which allows you to see a chart of flights three days before and after your chosen dates. Very good at providing a quick overview of flights surrounding your fixed flight option.


Opodo has a handy flexible flights function which searches a day before and after your chosen dates letting you know if there is a cheaper flight available. It is particularly good for European flight destinations.

In conclusion - CheapFlightsFinder has developed the most powerful flexible flight search of all.

Our website allows you to search up to 3 days before and after your chosen travel dates, or select the entire month to find the cheapest day to fly. We also have an option of checking the cheapest flight in the entire year locating flights at rock bottom prices.

Not only that but our powerful flight dashboard searches every one of the sites mentioned above in seconds - i.e - Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo, Google flights, Lastminute, Opodo and many more.

After we show you a calendar of estimated prices we then take you to a dashboard where you can compare all of the sites mentioned above in seconds. Making our search one of the most powerful flexible flight searches on the planet.

 We highly recommend trying it on your next flight if you have the option of flying on different days.

Happy searching! try our flexible flight search now!

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