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How Does Flight Finder Work?

How Does Flight Finder Work?

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Compare the best comparison sites
Compare the best comparison sites
Compare the best comparison sites
Compare the best comparison sites

Compare the best comparison sites

Save up to 20% by comparing the world's best flight aggregators using our intuitive dashboard

How Does Flight Finder Work?

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How our Flight Finder finds you the cheapest flights from the best comparison sites

How our Flight Finder finds you the cheapest flights from the best comparison sites

Our mission here at is to enable consumers to find the cheapest flights on earth with the minimum amount of effort. We have developed the world's first 'Meta-Meta flight search®' engine to achieve this. What is that exactly? It's the ability to search all the best flight comparison sites (aka flight aggregators/metasearch engines) from one easy to use dashboard. Flight comparison sites are the best resources to locate cheap flights; however, it is unpredictable which search engine will have the best price on any flight route. To be sure of the very best deal, you should compare a selection of the best search engines. We enable you to do this quickly and easily using our powerful flight search dashboard. In our opinion, it's the quickest way to make sure you're getting the best price on your flight every single time.

Best ways to find cheap flights, tips from our CEO:

Consider checking surrounding dates to see if cheaper flights are available.

You can save a considerable amount by adjusting your flight dates slightly. Consider flying out a day or two earlier/later or arriving back a day or two later/earlier if your travel plans allow.

To illustrate, a recent search on Flights finder showed that the price for traveling from New York to London between January 9th and February 15th is $552. If, however, you left 2 days later on January 15th; the price drops to $487, saving you $65.

To quickly see if you can make any savings on surrounding dates, use the flexible dates option on our search engine, which will bring up a grid calendar that lets you scan cheaper days to fly.

Alternatively, our on-demand experts can assist you for a small fee by searching for the best sites and finding the optimal dates for your flight. You can access our experts by clicking the expert help icon in the bottom right corner.

Check particular departure days to see if you can save money.

Statistically, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly on domestic routes. This is due in part to the fact that they are less busy days to travel, so always check those days to see if it can make you any savings.

For example, we searched for a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu leaving Friday the 15th March and coming back on the 20th March and the price came to $299. However, if we searched leaving on ‘Wednesday’ the 18th March the price dropped to $206, saving you over $90.

Try to pack as little as possible to avoid hefty baggage charges.

There are usually two forms of baggage you can take onto the plane with you, hand baggage or hold baggage or checked baggage. Airlines charge a fee for adding any checked luggage and will also charge you extra if your hand baggage exceeds the weight allowance given to you. To avoid these extra fees, try to pack as little as possible to take on your trip with you. You can also check YouTube on how to maximise packing your bag using little nifty tips and tricks to save space.

Airline fees vary according to the carrier, but you are looking at paying $30 for adding hold luggage on a domestic route and around $75 on a transatlantic route. Some travel agents may offer cheaper flights on face value but charge even more for adding checked baggage, so keep an eye out for that.

Search for flights around 2 months before departure.

It is wise to book your flights as early as possible. Our data at Flights Finder shows the longer you wait, the more likely it is that prices will rise. The optimal time to begin your search, which is corroborated by multiple studies, recommends booking around seven and a half weeks before departure or around 54 days.

Another option is to set up a price alert which you can set up on multiple websites which will then alert you if there has been a price drop on the route you have been searching.

Try to plan your trip in the ‘Off season’.

For maximum savings on your trip, try to plan it when other people are not travelling or on what travel agents call the ‘Off season’. This is a time of the year when fewer people travel and prices for destinations can drop dramatically.

You can quickly see the best time to fly to a destination by using our flexible dates search function. Select > Flexible dates > Entire Year after entering a departure and arrival airport and we will show you the optimal date in the entire year to travel.

For example, flying from New York to Orlando could set you back around $300 during peak periods, however our flexible date calendar reveals if you choose to travel in early February, flight prices come down to around $100 per round trip.

Check nearby departure/arrival airports for savings.

Consider making the trip to a slightly further out airport if the price is considerably lower. It is always worth checking different departure points as long as they are accessible to you and checking to see if the flights are cheaper from there.

For example, a flight from Reno, Nevada to New York in March would cost around $350. However, if you could depart from Sacramento (around a 2 hour drive from Reno) the price drops to around $250 - that’s a saving of $400 if travelling with a family of four adults.

You can always ask our experts for a small fee to do the hard searching for you and check multiple departure and arrival airports to see where the greatest savings lie. Tap the icon for expert help and speak to one today.

Check multiple websites, particularly multiple flight aggregators.

It is a fact that one website never has the best price every single time. Our own data at Flights Finder suggests you should search a minimum of four different sites to make sure you are not missing out on a cheaper deal. We noticed there could be up to a 23% difference between the aggregators and what flights they find. This is primarily down to the different sources each aggregator scans.

Our Flight Finder makes it easy to compare the world’s best flight aggregator/comparison sites from one simple-to-use dashboard. Easily compare flights by clicking the tabs on the search results page.

For example, we searched for a flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Paris, France from the 14th to the 21st of March. JetRadar priced the flight at $676, KAYAK priced the flight at $675, Skyscanner priced the flight at $635 and Kiwi priced the flight at $623. As you can see in this example, you would save $53 if you booked through Kiwi instead of JetRadar or KAYAK.

Add a layover to decrease the overall price of your trip.

A tactic experts used to lower the price of the overall trip is by adding a layover en route to your final destination. This strategy can not only save your money but allows you to take in the sights of another destination too.

For example, if you flew non-stop on a one-way flight to Istanbul from Chicago, it would cost roughly $816 in mid-April. However, if you added a one full-day layover in Abu Dhabi on the way there on the same date, the price comes down to $510.

You can always hire our experts to find you the cheapest layover combinations if you do not know how and where to find them and potentially save hundreds. All our experts offer full money-back guarantee, which means you get a full refund if they can’t save you money.

Buy a package deal to decrease the overall price.

If you need a hotel alongside your flight, it would be wise to check package deal bundles to see if you can save. Our best advice is to search each item separately, then do the same search by combining the items on a well-known package deal website like Expedia, Priceline or Travelocity.

We also have a cheap flight and hotel package deal search on our site. Just click the flight & hotel tab at the top of the page to access it. Our search compares some of the best aggregators which in turn check Expedia, Priceline and among others.

Written and fact checked by Shahab Siddiqui

Written and fact checked by Shahab Siddiqui

Shahab Siddiqui is the CEO and founder of He pioneered the concept of a Meta-Meta flight search engine over 10 years ago and is an active commentator on global travel issues.

Publications regularly feature Shahab's expertise, including Business Insider, The LA times, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Huffington Post, and many more. He developed from a hospital bed while undergoing dialysis treatment for kidney failure. You can read about his inspiring story here or browse his latest Google news articles here.

Connect with Shahab on LinkedIn -

How to find cheap flights: Questions & Answers

How do I find the cheapest flights ever?

If you are looking for the cheapest possible round trip to a particular destination on a fixed date, it would be wise to check multiple websites because different websites have different prices. Luckily FlightsFinder has made this task easy by providing you with a convenient dashboard that allows you to compare all the best search engines side by side. We search KAYAK, Skyscanner, Jetradar, momondo, Cheapflights, Kiwi, Skiplagged and more, effectively searching over 1200 different sources for flights to make sure you get the very best deal. To prove this, you can do a simple test, go to your favorite website, fetch the lowest price then compare it with our search engine tabs. We are highly confident we will beat or equal the price you can find anywhere else.

How do I find the cheapest dates to fly?

The number one factor which affects your flight price is the dates you choose to fly on. The more flexible you are with your flight dates, the cheaper your flight can be. Thankfully, our Flight Finder has a powerful, flexible dates flight tool. This tool allows you to see the cheapest return flight 3 days before or after your chosen dates, the entire month, or even the entire year. For example, if you wanted to fly to London from New York in May, It could set you back by about $442. However, if you used our flexible search, it will tell you that if you traveled in March, the price would be around $300. The best way to find a flight that suits you is to play around with the flexible calendar function and see what comes up.

What is Meta-Meta flight search®?

A metasearch engine is a site that aggregates data from multiple other websites for comparison. So for example - is a flight meta-search engine that searches hundreds of different airlines and travel agents to find which one has the cheapest deal. Various other metasearch engines exist, such as Skyscanner, momondo,, and more. We found that no single search engine finds the best deal every time without fail. Sometimes Skyscanner might find the best value, while other times, KAYAK will come out on top. This price difference is because each site has different partnerships and relies on various data sources. The best way to combat this problem is to search multiple aggregator sites/ metasearch engines we have developed here at Our mighty search allows you to compare Skyscanner, KAYAK, momondo, Kiwi, and more side by side in seconds. We call this process of searching - Meta-Meta Flight Search®.

Do flight search engines track your search history?

In recent times, many consumers believe that the airlines and search engines are sneakily tracking their online movements and hiking up the prices when they see interest in a cheap fare. According to our research, this is nothing but an urban myth, we have done thousands of searches using incognito mode and regular browsing, and the results remain consistent. The vital thing to note is that airfare prices sometimes change from hour to hour, and you are just witnessing a price adjustment instead of a sneaky tactic. If you still don't trust the search engines, adjust your browser to incognito mode and browse away for complete peace of mind.

Are the prices on Flights Finder accurate?

The first thing to note is that FlightsFinder has no control over the flight prices on display. We aggregate the best third-party flight search engines on one platform. It is similar to Google in that sense; we display information found by others. However, the flights that our metasearch engine partners provide are usually very accurate. There may be the odd occasion where a flight is no longer available on click-through - or a flight that was listed has now gone up in price. We recommend that if such a thing was to occur, click another search engine tab on our dashboard and look for an alternate flight.

Which search engine is best for finding cheap flights?

In our opinion, the best sites to find cheap flights are the aggregator sites. You could go to a Travel agent like Priceline or Expedia, but you don't get as many options as you do on a flight aggregator. For example, a simple search on Expedia for a round trip flight from San Francisco to Paris in August returned the lowest price of $683. The exact search done on FlightsFinder found a cheaper flight via for $575. The simple answer is no search engine is best for finding cheap flights every time - your best bet is to search a few of the best flight search engines via our convenient flight finder dashboard.

How do I find the cheapest flight price guaranteed?

To find the cheapest possible flight to your destination, you need two things. 1.) to be flexible with your dates, and 2.) Check multiple flight aggregators. You can do this easily by using our robust, flexible date calendar, which gives you an idea of prices for the entire month or year. Then compare search engines on those days that the flights are cheapest (using our dashboard) and save even more of your ticket (even up to 20%). This strategy will practically guarantee you find the cheapest flight on earth.

How do I find the cheapest flights to a particular country or city?

To find the cheapest flight to a particular country, you need to enter a broad search in our 'recent deals' carousel engine. FlightsFinder allows you to search from country to country to discover the cheapest route, for example - the USA to France. Our current deals carousel search will show you the most affordable airlines and flights between the two countries. You can also do a broad city-to-country search such as New York to the United Kingdom or Miami to Ireland - this will give you the cheapest flight to the most affordable route between that city and country. You can find our recent deals carousel below the top search engine form:

Recent deals

If you wish to find the cheapest flight price to a particular city, enter your departure airport to the required city destination, e.g. San Francisco to London - then select flexible dates. You can choose flights for the whole month or even the entire year to discover the best time to fly.

How do you find cheap error fares?

Sometimes airlines publish error fares; these are substantially cheaper fares than usual caused by several reasons. The main reason is usually a technological problem with the airline pricing system; on other occasions, it could be human error, where an employee might type in a wrong price by accident. Other times the error occurs when a currency conversion goes awry. Whatever the reason is, the bottom line is that you could potentially save hundreds off your flight by booking these fares. Our unique flight finder can uncover these fares quickly through a broad, 'everywhere' search; after that, select > flexible dates > whole year: this will show you the cheapest published flights from your airport in the entire upcoming year. Bear in mind sometimes very cheap fares may not be errors but just a great and legitimate deal.

What is another top tip to get the cheapest flight possible?

Hidden city ticketing is a relatively new cheap flight strategy where the consumer buys a ticket to a destination with a layover in between; however, instead of continuing the entire journey, the consumer departs at the stopover and foregoes the rest of the trip. For example, there are two flights from London to Chicago. The first flight is direct and costs $400; the second is a flight to Milwaukee with a stopover in Chicago for $300. Taking advantage of this hidden city would be to book the second flight, getting off at Chicago and not continuing to Milwaukee. The only downside to this tactic is that you can not check any baggage in as it will arrive at the final destination - not the stopover. Moreover, airlines aren't overly enthused about travellers using this tactic, and they may penalise you by canceling your frequent flier miles; however, no such case has been enforced yet. Skiplagged is a specialist site in hidden city ticketing; luckily, you can compare Skiplagged flights by selecting their tab on our flight results page.

How do I find the cheapest direct flights from the USA?

There are 2 ways to find the cheapest direct flights to your destination using our website. 1.) Do a search on our main search engine and when you are on the results page simpy select the filters on the left hand side and select non-stop flights only. You can also use our flexible flight calendars and filter them so it shows non stop flights only to give you a rough idea of when non-stop flight prices are cheaper. 2.) You can also ask our experts to find you the cheapest non-stop flights to your destination. Pay them a small fee and they will search multiple different dates and hundreds of different websites to get you the cheapest non-stop flights ever published. Our direct flights service will definitely save you more money than our service fee or we wil simply give you a full 100% refund.

How do I know if baggage is included in the final flight price?

You will see a small icon on our primary search results page which indicates whether a cabin bag and checked in luggage is included with your flight. Another option is to add it using the filters on the left hand side of the results page which will then update the final price once your bags have been added. On some occasions the baggage is unknown and you will have to contact the agent or airline you are booking with and confirm with them whether baggage is included with your flight or you will have to pay extra. On many international routes checked baggage is included. To double check this we recommend you Google your airline name + 'baggage calculator' and you will be able to see what your allowance is for your specific route.

Does the payment method I use affect the total price of my flight?

Sometimes agents will charge you extra for choosing a particular form of payment. KAYAK (our primary search results) has a handy function which is available on certain routes that allows you to select which form of payment you will be using and then see how that affects the final price. Other than that you can see what extra an agent or airline will add on their checkout page when selecting your method of payment. The other option is to ask our experts to do the searching for you, simply tell them what payment option you wish to use and they will find you the best deal with no surcharges for your preferred method of payment. 

How can I change my flying dates after booking for no penalty?

On our primary search results page on the left hand side you will see a heading titled 'Flexible options' - under that heading is a no-change fee checkbox. Checking this box will update the flight results and show you the best flights which will allow you to change your flights for no extra charge. Alternately, you can usually select a flexible fare option when booking your flight which will allow you to make changes to your ticket. Be aware that you may have to pay a surcharge for selecting this option. Some people are reluctant booking with an agent due to worries that changing their ticket may be difficult through a third party booking agent. We recommend checking third party reviews on such booking agents before you purchase your ticket or alternately book your ticket directly with the airline. our search engine gives you the option either way of booking with an agent of your choice or booking with the airline of your choice directly.

What is a hacker fare and how do I find them?

A hacker fare is when a flight is cobbled together using two seperate airlines which traditionally do not work together. By combining 2 one way fares from different airlines you can potentially save more money on your overall flight. You can find these hacker fares using our search engine - they will simply flag up if available when searching for a particular route. Be aware though that sometimes you may need to self transfer in between flights so you need to make sure you have enough time to make the transfer. offers a guarantee that if miss your connecting flight for a valid reason beyond your control they will compensate you and book you on another flight.

How do I find the cheapest flights to North America from the USA?

There are a few options you can use to find the cheapest flights to North America departing from US airports. First, enter the 'Flexible - search everywhere' option in our search engine - this will show you the cheapest flights leaving from your chosen airports. Simply select the country you are interested in to see the city options appear. Alternately you can use KAYAK's explore map which will show you the best flights on a map depending on your departure point, month and duration. Other tools which allow you to see the best deals to the whole of North America from US airports are Google flights and Skyscanner. They both have handy tools which allow you to do broad searches to a paticular country or continent. The final way you can get yourself an unbelievably cheap flight to North America is to ask our experts. Pay them a small fee and they will expertly search all the above sites for you guarantee you the best possible deal or your money back.

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